Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Vintage Chanel Finds

Hey Dollies !

A few days ago my momma let me know about this designer sale going on at the Red Cross off the King's road in London, so, considering I hope to one day own my own vintage boutique, asked my boyfriend to take me...

Anyhoo, we got there a lil while after it had started so most of the good stuff was gone - that being 2 Chanel Bags... but to my advantage nobody seemed to have noticed the white pair of Chanel ankle boots in the window... apart from me [tee-hee] So I ran over, picked them up, glanced at the size (EUR 37 - UK 4 ) And thought to myself... F*ck it, there not my size, but there an investment for my store as they were clearly vintage, and at £250... A Bargain! ( I also managed to squeeze my foot into them ! lol)

I strolled around the store (as my bf sat patiently on a chair, staring at all the crazy ladies bargain hunting lol) and nothing seemed to catch my eye... There were a few pair of vintage Manolo's but they looked old.. VERY old... so walked away and found myself staring into this glass cabinet... the LV logo grabbed my eye so I asked the lady if she could kindly pass me what I thought was a belt... and turned out to be a really weird bag lol but a girl next to me had picked up a Dark brown gold chain 'necklace' in a leather case...

When she asked the woman if there was any more Chanel left, I looked over to find she had a Chanel necklace/waist belt in her hands... As soon as she put it down, I grabbed it, asked the price... and again at £300 for CHANEL.... BARGAIN ! So I bought that and left the store very satisfied !!

On top of it all, there was this lovely older lady who came up to me and said in the sweetest voice: "Thank you for buying my stuff" ... :)

Here are some piccy's of the purchases I made...

Lexi xoxo



  1. Why salut, Chanel shoes. You are so divine. With those lovely, tasteful necklaces. Ugh, I envy you. :) I love your blog by the way!

  2. You shouldnt envy me ! Im a mere mortalll ! (Though i wish my bf was a particular vampire ! haha ) Im going to follow u xx

  3. Hahahaha! So I sense that you're a part of team Edward. You're not the only one. He's just goooorrrrrgeousss. Omg. :)Thanks for following my blog!

  4. I am the LEADER of Team Edward !! haha I lurrrrrrv him !! And he used to go to my school when i was 13 and he 15 !!!! I used to see him !!! *sigh*


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