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This blog is run by me and myself only and is a way for me to document my life through photos and video.

I love to share everything that makes me happy; from fashion & my personal style to my travels around the world, to my loved ones and pets to well whatever tickles my pickle as I grow in life! 

All  of my photographs are taken by myself or my husband/friends and will usually be stated if I haven't taken them myself.


My posts are in no way influenced by anyone other than myself & what I choose to blog about. I am not paid to mention anything nor am I paid to blog in general unless otherwise stated via a sponsored item or gifted item.  I only agree to publish certain sponsored blog posts if they reflect my personal style and only what I believe are beneficial to myself and/or my readers.

Affiliate links: I am a member of the RewardStyle team and use their service to provide affiliate links from which you guys can directly shop and as a result, I earn a commission. 


The videos that I post on my blog via my YouTube channel are again in no way influenced by anyone other than myself and the work I do via my channel will be stated if sponsored, gifted or an advert. I also use RewardStyle to link the items in my videos.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or enquiries at sototallyblahh@gmail.com to speak with me directly or to stvbusinessenquiries@gmail.com to speak with my management at Red Hare. 

Thank you guys so much for caring enough to follow my life and antics - this has all been made possible because of you, and taking the time out of your busy lives to catch up with me. It never goes unnoticed and will be forever appreciated. I love you guys!!!

Lexi xoxo

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