Friday, March 30, 2012

Exploring my hometown

Hey Hey !! These past few weeks have been lovely in London, well for me anyway. I have been hanging out with my friends almost every weekend for the last couple of weeks and it has become the highlight of my week! (the weather has been so amazing!) We are so varying in moods, that one weekend we will be lounging at home and being lazy bums, painting our nails and all that, or we could be exploring the streets of central London as seen above. How have you been spending your sunny weekends in London? Take care xoxo

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcoming Spring

Blazer- Zara
Jumpsuit- Concession at Topshop
Crochet crop- Topshop
Gold Brogues- Primark
Bag- Greek Market
Belt- Thrifted
Sunglasses- Ray Ban

Hello Hello! I awoke to the most beautiful glow of sunshine in my bedroom on this miraculous march day, and had to get up and make the most of it. We are experiencing some amazingly odd but beautiful temperatures at the moment here in London, and the sun seems to be shining all the time. It is so lovely for us to have the ability to then whip out our spring clothes and let the summer roll on. Idecided to hit thepub with my hiusband to be and some friends, and make the most of good times. See you soon xoxo


Monday, March 19, 2012

A night in Kingston

Hey everyone, so these are some pictures of what I got up to a few weekends ago with some friends in Kingston. We are the kind of people who like a cheaper club with cheap drinks & good music where we can get our drink on & dance on & not be surrounded by electro & models so we hit up an old favourite, and had a really good time! It was starting to feel like I hadn't been clubbing in ages so we decided to go, and typically there are 2 other girls in the club wearing the same dress. GOOD TIMES! That is why shopping in places like Topshop gets a bit... common! Anyway dolls, see you soon! xoxo

Sunny in the Garden

Hey Hey! So today is another random but beautiful day in London & when the sun comes out over here, we don't mess around! Out come the spring clothes & we all seem to linger outside haha so I wanted to share a little photo of my outfit today. Would you guys like to see the full look? Have a nice day :) xoxo


Friday, March 16, 2012

Messing Around

Top- Thrifted / Vintage
Disco Pants- American Apparel
Boots- Urban Outfitters

Hey guys, these photos were taken last night in my garden as me and my friend Louka (@thatcrazykidpea) were taking silly pictures and being weirdos in the garden lol hope you like :)

The Backpack

Jacket- Criminal Damage at Foot Asylum
Silk crew neck- vintage Hermes
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- Topshop Sale
Backpack- Chanel
Sunglasses- Ray Ban

Hey everyone! This outfit was a quick put together of an item I had hidden away, and I'd recently found (the Hermes jumper) & as we were headed out for dinner I though to throw it together with a casual but cool outfit, and voila!! Hope you like it, see you soon!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All About the Bridesmaids

My Sexy Momma & her awesome style
The girls being... girls lol
Tadaaaa, it's me!
The detailing in every room at Number 16 was lovely
Momma, and the man who makes it all happen! My wedding planner :)
The beautiful garden at the hotel
Fooood! NOM!
An exquisite piece of art at the Hotel again!
My favourite car store
Such a beautiful day!
Woooo for cocktails!!
And NOM for Houmous!
(Fran & Jona's rainbow cigarettes haha)

Hello everyone!

So, as I shared my outfit from my day out with my bridesmaids, I figured I might as well share with you the photos that I took on the day (except for those of the dresses hehe surprise!)

We started off our day in the store where the dresses were purchased, which is where I took the first few pics (how cool is my mom!?) and then we headed off to this little hidden hotel called Number 16 in South Kensington, that has to be one of the loveliest and best decorated hotels I have been in, where we had afternoon tea & nibbles.

We then decided to walk from South Kensington to Knightsbridge & have a couple of cocktails & more nibbles at this lovely little shisha place called Mamounia, before we then strolled around harrods (oogling at the goodies and awwing at the puppies).

Before we knew it, it was time to get home & we decided to end our night with a pamper session and slumber party with all my girlies.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did taking them, and see you soon guyyyys! xoxo


Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Day of Decisions

Dress- ASOS
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Tardy's
Jacket- H&M

Hey everyone! On Saturday, my bridesmaids & I took a trip to the store where we are buying the bridesmaids gowns from, and it was such a fun experience! Luckily, we didn't eat before hand as the appointment was at 12pm so we didn't have any issues like in the movie Bridesmaids!

I am so happy to say that the dress we chose suits every one of my bridesmaids, yet looks so different on each of them. They all looked so gorgeous!! The wedding planning process has been so surreal& amazing, and honestly feels like a fairy tale. I am so blessed and so excited & cannot wait to share snippets it all with you guys! Lots of Love xx

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