Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time for a change

Jacket from River Island / Leather high waisted trousers and white tank top from Topshop / Wedges by Ann Demeulemeester / Yankees Baseball Jersey from Urban Outfitters / Chain from See Jewelry / Hermes Kelly Bag 

After a very long time (like 7 years!) of not having dyed my hair with the intention to grow it long and strong, I decided that my hair is at a length I am happy with and is in good enough condition for me to lighten it a tad!

I have wanted to do something different to my hair for a while now because let's face it, having long brown hair can be kind of boring and loads of cool styles and colours have come and gone like Ombre & dip dye etc... so I did some research as I didn't wanna go for ombre and I found Balayage thanks to Nia who suggested I have a look at what it looks like.

So, this past friday I popped into the Andrew Barton salon in Covent Garden where one of my bestest friends Marlon is a resident hair stylist and he treated me to ammonia free bleach & tint and we put some caramel strands through my hair to give it a bit of body and 'depth', and I really love it! It's a nice change for winter as opposed to going lighter for the summer and I'm really chuffed with the outcome :) Apologies for the not so clear photos but if you'd like to see my hair a little better then stay tuned as I'll be uploading a 'Get ready with me' video that I filmed post-dying my hair.

I decided to wear my new FAVE baseball jersey from Urban Outfitters with Topshop's faux leather version of the American Apparel disco pants and my comfiest wedges that I just can't get enough of ^.^

Well, that's it for today guys but I wanted to let you know about a giveaway I'm hosting on my Youtube Channel as a thank you to those of you who watch my videos and are subscribed to my channel as I am less than 100 subbies away from ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND! EEK! So if you find yourself interested in entering my giveaway in the hopes of winning a Selfridges goodie box, then have a peep at my video below for the rules and get entering as there is only a week left!! GOOD LUCK :D xo 


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello Yellow

Top by Kenzo / Trousers from Topshop / Chanel ballet flats / Jacket from River Island / Chain from See Jewelry  

Another day, another pair of trousers that I adore! I popped into topshop a few weeks ago in search of some trousers to wear through the cold months to follow as I appear to only own black jeans, blue jeans or some eccentric patterned palazzo pants that are really not winter friendly - so I don't know if you guys have noticed but topshop do this thing where they layer clothes on the same rail. What I mean is when new stock comes in they just pop it in front of their older stock and so what looks like a full rail of their new trousers/tops/etc actually has 4 or 5 different colours, patterns and styles hidden behind them! SO when I was digging through the rails of trousers I came across these babies! I instantly adored them as their so bright but are also versatile and the texture is slightly thick so they're on the warmer side :) I'm a size 8 and they only had a 10 so I got them because I refused to leave the store without them and although they are a little looser fitting and I believe they're meant to sit on the waist a little higher, I still love 'em!

Fab & I found ourselves wondering through Westfield the other day to kill time whilst waiting to go to the movies and we popped into River Island where I found the awesome "Acne'esque" faux shearling jacket I'm pictured wearing above and the sneaky bugger wondered off whilst I was browsing and paid for it! Haha he knows I would of wrestled him for it otherwise... what a cutie patootie eh! Hope you're all well! ✌ xo 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Quilted Leather

Trousers & shoes from Topshop / T by Alexander Wang polo neck / Chanel classic jumbo bag / All Saint leather jacket

Aloha! I popped to Camden with Louka (@Thatcrazykidpea) last saturday after I attended a graduates job fair with her and this is what I wore! I've been really into fitted printed trousers - they're super duper versatile and are really comfy & in my opinion are going to be a type of trouser I'll probably be wearing a lot of this winter based on how many different pairs I've accumulated!

I also got my ickle paws on this AMAZING T by Alexander Wang turtle/polo neck sweater from and I am absa-fricking-lutely adoring it and know I am also going to be wearing the shabang out of it in through the winter. What are your winter staples? Also check out my Camden vlog below!  xo


Monday, October 14, 2013

Portabello Road

Dress by Maison Martin Margiela / Agyness Deyn for Doc Marten boots / Alexander McQueen Scarf / Chanel bag  & sunnies

Last Saturday Nia & I popped to Portabello market in Ladbroke Grove here in London to have a looksie through the market which is always fun (but sooo crowded on a saturday) and I wanted to get a few bits & bobs for our place which is currently being renovated.

I bagged a new mirror for our bedroom, which has been long overdue as the one we have in there at the moment is broken at the bottom and wrestling on a shard lol not ideal. I got this really loves white wood baroque framed mirror to replace it for a mere £125! Bargain if you ask me. I also got a few other goodies which I will be featuring in an upcoming haul video so keep an eye out for that.

I got the chance to wear my new Margiela dress that I got recently from TK Maxx that I am obsessed with, its so comfortable and although it looks really odd off as it's cut a funny way, it sits amazingly and is made of a lovely soft material that is pretty warm and ideal for colder days here in London.

I wore my fave docs by Agy Deyn and some tights as it's gotten pretty chilly, and I've been living in these Chanel sunglasses my mum gave me years ago for christmas. If you care to see the vlog of our antics on 'bello road then have a watch of my vlog down below! Much lovee ✌ xo 


Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Perfect Wedge

Fabio had a night off from work recently so we decided to go to Westfield to a restaurant we go to now and again called Meat & wine co and if you are a meat eater (which I am not but my husband is) then you'll enjoy their steaks. It's a little pricy but the food is tasty and the cocktails are nice - although I will say if your a pescetarian like me or a vegetarian/vegan then the options are very minimal.

I wore a recent purchase from Zara which is this black knit long sleeved midi dress and you unfortunately can't tell in the photographs but there are hidden little specs of glitter in the dress which is really subtle but adds a cute touch. I paired it with my trusty leather H&M gilet which you'll be seeing a little less of now that the weather has turned to sh*t and its cooooold! I wore it with my smallest Alma Vernis bag in a pearly off white and my new faaaaavourite wedges from Ann Demeulemeester, that have to be the comfiest wedges since my Aldo wedges which are extremely similar passed away. (RIP)

These babies are far from the same price bracket as my Aldo wedges were but they are totes mahotes worth it if you care for my opinion as they are beyond comfortable, a great versatile height of 4 1/2 inches which makes the the perfect day to night shoes and I can shop in them! WOOP! I also massively adore the square wedge :D haha aaaanyway...

 Dress from Zara 
Leather gilet from H&M 
Silver chain from See Jewelry
 Louis Vuitton Alma Vernis bag 
Wedges by Ann Demeulemeester 
Chanel J12 Watch

I hope you're all fantabulous! ✌ xo


Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Bad a$$ boots

Topshop Tee / H&M Gilet / Mango jeans / Charlotte Olympia boots / Hermes Constance bag

Aloha! The other night my brother, Nia, Fabio & I all decided to go to Benihana in Chelsea for dinner... If you're wondering what Benihana is, it's a Hibachi restaurant which basically means the food is cooked then & there infront of you, on your table by a Hibachi chef. The food is out of this world at about £35 each, you get A LOT of food.

Anyhoo, I decided to wear my new Charlotte Olympia boots as I had yet to break them in and they are the kind of thing I'd like to pair with some jeans and a tee to give it a pop of fun, so I did just that! They are really comfy and could be worn out dancing too, just need to find the perfect LBD! ✌ xo

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Saturday daydreaming

Shirt from Romwe 
Jeans from Zara
 See by Chloe boots 
Hermes Kelly bag 
  Leather jacket by Antonio Berardi

Hey homies! This edition of 'what I wore' dates back to this past Saturday which was pretty chilled during the day, as are most day really unless I'm working or in town but in the evening Nia & I made plans to have dinner & drinks at the glamorous TGI fridays as it's our guilty pleasure now and again. Fabio unfortunately couldn't make it as he had to work but we were joined by my little bro Leo and my friend Fran which was really nice as I don't think we've ever eaten out just the four of us... anyway the food was yummy which isn't always the case haha (that's another story).

After a very satisfying meal, my brother went home and Fran, Nia & I decided to go clubbing in our favourite again not so glamorous spot once in a while known as Penthouse in Leicester Square. We were opting for DSTRKT but the queue was mahoosive and as we were dressed a little more on the casual side, we wanted somewhere to go where we weren't too fussed about how we looked :P how did you guys spend your weekend? Hope you had a good'n! xo 
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