Tuesday, December 29, 2009

REVIEW | Studio Fix Fluid

Hey Mønsters !

Today I'll be reviewing my all time favourite foundation, Mac's Studio fix fluid, aswell as showing my make up of the day, which I did for clubbing last night...

Firstly, since discovering Studio fix fluid about a year ago, I have been hooked.

Mac says: 'A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium-buildable coverage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15. Comfortable and long-wearing: lasts for up to eight hours. Applies smoothly, builds coverage quickly and easily. Contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections. Absorbs and disperses oil. Contains special skin-conditioning ingredients. Oil free.'

My verdict: The foundation does provide a matte-enough finish, and covers well without giving that caked look, but is also buildable. It is relatively long-wearing, and only really needs the occasional touch up if your a perfectionist like me lol.. It does look super smooth and does minimise the look of imperfections, but it doesnt hurt to use a bit of cover-up, concealer and finish it all off with Mac's blot powder to really minimise all shine.

I love this foundation and need to stop trying to find new ones cos I always come to the same conclusion that they are never as good as this one.

Below, Mac's Studio Fix Fluid.

Below is a picture of me without any make up on [eek] just to give you guys a taster of what the foundation actually does...

And below here is a picture of me wearing the foundation on it's own, apart from a primer, and without concealer or powder of any sort.

And here are some piccys of the look I went for after having done my foundation... Bit of a blacked out eye which I dont usually do, along with a frosty pink lip. Yes, they are my real lashes lol cos people just dont stop asking if i wear falsies... :)
( Review of my mascara in older posts)

(Below, side-ish shot lol)

Lexi xoxo

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter Stylin'

Hey Monsters!

Not a very clear pic, just a quickie on how I like to style it up in wintertime !

Necessities for me?
-Pauls Boutique Jacket
-Biker Boots or Uggs
-Chanel arm candy
-A yummy scarf
-Ray Ban Wayfarers

& your good to go !!

Lexi xoxo


Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Haul... What me gots !

Hey Monsters !
Christmas is nearly overrrr :(
But as I am still in Xmas mood, I thought I would do a post on the pressies i got this year :)
I am so happy with everything I got, but most of all I am so appreciative to have my health, my familly and my familly's health, and my friends and boyfriend... :)

Anyhoooo, moving on to all things materialistic ! [tee-hee]
Here is what I got this yearrrr :

1- These beautiful Chanel earing from my boyfriend (l)

2. This Gorgeous Chanel necklace from my brother :)

3. This sexyyy Tiffany's Key necklace from my mama n papa :)

4. This E.Vil jumper from mama n papa n vintage gold waistebelt from the Grandpa n Grandma

5. (Left to right) A sick Topshop wallet from the grandparents, a Missoni scarf from the 'rents and the f*cking amazeballs 12 megapixel Samsung camera with screen on front and back !!
(been dying for a camera since i broke mine and this one is perfectooooo!!)

6. NYC 'Andy Warhol" perfume with my nicknamed road in NYC on the bottle lid ! from za parentals

7.Giorgio Armani Brush set from mama n papa

And voilaaaa !
That is what I got for crimbo :D

What did You guys get???

Lexi xoxo

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pin-Up Megan Fox style look

Hey my Christmas dolls!

Not long to go now until Christmas arrives! SO exited.. Anyhoo...
As all my lovely followers know, I am in switzerland at the mo, and last night me and my fam went to dinner at Nobu (Yummmy!) and as it is quite fancy, i decided to attempt a look i love, the pin up look, styled with red lippy, and retro megan fox waves....

I used:

Mac Fluid line in black for liner
Mac ricepaper frost shadow
Lancome Oscillation primer & mascara

Mac Studio fix fluid foundation
Mac Blot powder
Mac studio finish concealer
Cargo bronzer
Shu umuera Blusher
Mac Russian Red lipstick
Benefit Oh la lift eye brightener
Laura Geller Brow pen

Curling tongs, then brushed out curls
L'oréal Hair spray

Piccy's belowww ! (last one i was jus messin around lol)

Merry Christmas guys and hope all your wishes come true in present form !!

Lexi xoxo

(I am not wearing Falsies ! All my lashes!)


Monday, December 14, 2009

The Louboutin Manicure

Hey dolls !

I went to get a manicure the other day, and as I'm getting a lil tired of the animal print nails, I remembered my mum telling me about the 'louboutin' manicure, so thought i'd ask the manicurist to give it a go... It involves a simple black nail with a small red half moon.

Result? I actually quite like it... it's different and I love black nails, so was nice to add a little twist to it. There is another type of 'Louboutin' manicure where you have the top of your nail painted black, and the underneeth of your nail painted red, but can be tricky for people who don't wear acrylics like me cos you need the length !

Here is my take on the 'Louboutin' nail...

What do you think? Lemme know !

Lexi xoxo


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Vintage Chanel Finds

Hey Dollies !

A few days ago my momma let me know about this designer sale going on at the Red Cross off the King's road in London, so, considering I hope to one day own my own vintage boutique, asked my boyfriend to take me...

Anyhoo, we got there a lil while after it had started so most of the good stuff was gone - that being 2 Chanel Bags... but to my advantage nobody seemed to have noticed the white pair of Chanel ankle boots in the window... apart from me [tee-hee] So I ran over, picked them up, glanced at the size (EUR 37 - UK 4 ) And thought to myself... F*ck it, there not my size, but there an investment for my store as they were clearly vintage, and at £250... A Bargain! ( I also managed to squeeze my foot into them ! lol)

I strolled around the store (as my bf sat patiently on a chair, staring at all the crazy ladies bargain hunting lol) and nothing seemed to catch my eye... There were a few pair of vintage Manolo's but they looked old.. VERY old... so walked away and found myself staring into this glass cabinet... the LV logo grabbed my eye so I asked the lady if she could kindly pass me what I thought was a belt... and turned out to be a really weird bag lol but a girl next to me had picked up a Dark brown gold chain 'necklace' in a leather case...

When she asked the woman if there was any more Chanel left, I looked over to find she had a Chanel necklace/waist belt in her hands... As soon as she put it down, I grabbed it, asked the price... and again at £300 for CHANEL.... BARGAIN ! So I bought that and left the store very satisfied !!

On top of it all, there was this lovely older lady who came up to me and said in the sweetest voice: "Thank you for buying my stuff" ... :)

Here are some piccy's of the purchases I made...

Lexi xoxo

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