Sunday, June 10, 2012


Blazer - Zara | White Tank - Topshop | Necklace - ASOS | Phone Case - Foot Asylum

Hey Hey!

Today was an eventful day as myself, Fabio & Fran headed to a groomsman appointment with one of my best friends and one of Fabio's Groomsmen, Marlon as he couldn't make it to the first appointment with the others. After we got that done (exciting, their second fitting is in September!) we headed to Yo Sushi for lunch where set out to take full advantage of their "All you can eat for £20" Sundays and unfortunately the little amount I ate came to less than £20 but I had to cooperate for the rest to get their meals for £20 as the 'full party' had to be included. It worked out in the end though because the others all ate more than £20 worth, especially Marlon who ate 15 chicken dumplings!!!

After that, Marlon headed off and me and Fab came home to chill and Fran decided to crash... After a yummy homemade 'Mexican Salad' made by me (so good!) and now I find myself on the couch with Fabio who is indulging in a tub of Haagen Dazs lol...

Above is what I wore today, and a sneak preview of my next video... Can you guess what it is? *Hint, not an outfit of the day!* '

Also, if you are interested, check out my Youtube Channel very soon for a wedding update! :) Til Next time Guys! xoxo


Friday, June 01, 2012

Photo Diary | Paris 2012

 The Metro
 Random man with Swag
 Why don't we get these sweets in London?!?
 More yumminess
 Some cool art
 Nia & Naiya's amazing fashion sense
 The Cartier store on thr Champs Elysées
 The Arc de Triomphe
 Us girlies!
 Inside the Carousel du Louvre
 My buddies
 Nish & Naiy
 Amazing road for window shopping
 More deliciousness
 An amazing hidden restaurant that I took a sneaky picture in
 Another sneaky pic ^.^
 J'adore Dior
Sister hotel to where I am getting married here in London 
 I smell Chanel
 The original Chanel Boutique <3
 Admiring the streets of Paris
 Calories Galore!
 Street peeps
 I love exploring the side streets
 I love old buildings
 Candy Land
 The Sacré Coeur
 Red bull in hand
 That view.
 And Pose!
 The Church
 Beautiful & creepy.
 Music in the streets.
 The freshest.
 Made in front of your eyes.
 Street artists.
 Parisian Culture.
 Spring fever <3
 A beautiful hidden restaurant
 The Church tower
 Pidgeon be chillin'
 The furry monkeys
 Me & Nishi Pishi
 Beasts... & a smart.
 La Tour
 A peacock in Paris
Galeries LaFayette
Street Art

Hey Hey!

As some of you may or may not know, I just returned from a 5 day get away to Paris with my friends Nia, Naiya & Fran. We had an amazing time & I got to not only reminisce of where I spent 8 years of my childhood, but I also got to have some good times with my girlfriends.

Above are the photos I took along the trip, I hope you enjoy!! XoXo

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