Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cold Shoulders

[Shirt & jeans from Zara,  Hermès bangles, Chanel ballet pumps & boy bag with Aviator jacket from Acne Studios & Dior 'So Real' sunglasses]

Oh hey!

I decided to sit down and have a look through the mini mountain of memory cards gathering on my desk and whilst doing so, stumbled across an outfit or two that I had completely forgotten to share! Whoopsie... so I figured what better time than now eh? Here's one from a recent trip into town with Shannon, where I believe we did what we do best which is catch up over food and drive around London. I hope you guys like these mini ootds with a wee bit of info and the outfit details as I plan to do more over the summer :) Let me know!

Hope you're all fab! xo Lex

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Outfit Throwback

Oh Hey!

It's been weeks since my birthday and Valentine's day but given the occasions and a reason to get out of the house, I decided to get a little spruced up and take some photos of my outfits but I somehow forgot to upload them along the way... a habit I need to shake! As I was scrolling through my camera, I stumbled upon the photos below and thought to myself, POST THEM WOMAN! So here I am, and here they are:

[Vintage coat, Acne Studios dress, Christian Louboutin thigh high boots, Chopard watch & Chanel bag]

This first outfit (pictured above) is my idea of the perfect mish mash of items to keep warm, look chic but most importantly - eat comfortably!

Every year I like to organise a dinner for my birthday with my besties and family and so I always go to my sister for food advice because she is the ultimate foodie and knows all of the best spots in London - and I'm talking hidden gems! As a sushi-lover, I wanted to try something new and trust my sister to know just the place: Rockstar Sushi bar.

Cool name eh? But even cooler restaurant! First of all, it's tiny. Situated in Wimbledon, Rockstar Sushi Bar is not necessarily the kind of place you would walk past and think: "Hmmm, I must go in there!" but big mistake guys! It's odd location, casual rock and roll layout and limited number of seating may be deceiving at first but the food is beyond words.

The amazing thing about the limited capacity mixed with my party of 12 diners meant that the restaurant was now at full capacity and we had the place to ourselves! Such an awesome experience, and not only were we the only diners but the restaurant isn't normally open on a Wednesday but given we were at capacity and it was my birthday, they made an exception :)

I had such a wondeful and memorable evening and highly recommend you give it a try if you're ever in the area.

[Helmut Lang dress, Christian Louboutin boots & Rolex Submariner watch]

My second throwback outfit dates back to Valentine's Day, where Fabio & I were invited to dinner with some friends who had organised a couples dinner at a lovely middle-eastern restaurant with belly dancers and live music on Wardour Street in London. I again wanted to go for comfort given we were going to be eating and sitting down most of the time, so I went for my favourite 'special occasion' boots - my suede thigh high Loubs and paired them with this fab find from TK Maxx, a Helmut Lang dress. 

I hope you guys enjoy these types of posts, do let me know a I'm pretty sure there are a few other outfit photos hiding on my camera that I would love to share with you. Much love and until next time! – xx


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Photo Update!

Oh hey!

It seems to me that a lengthy absence has become a bit of trend here on my blog and despite my best (failed) attempts at getting the ball of blog rolling, here I am trying to find a way to best word why I just can't seem to get into the groove when it comes to posting regularly.... some may say laziness, others may differ but to be honest, what people think has never really been my problem and what better time than now to prove to myself that I can do this! 

SO... here I am! And I couldn't think of a better way to get back into the swing of things than to start with an update type post full of photos that show what has gone on in the last few months :) I hope you guys like these types of things, do let me know but fear not as I will be posting all sorts, predominantly fashion mixed in with some lifestyle antics like food, travel, cars, so on so forth... Anyway, update time! 

Boots from Zara • Dress from Urban Outfitters • Jacket by Acne Studios • Bag by Hermès 

Above is a photo of little old me on my three year wedding anniversary with Fab where he treated me to a delicious late lunch at Sky Gardens which is a must-see if you want to take in some seriously amazing views of London and the Shard. It also has a variety of dining options, from a cute and casual little Café to a British Brasserie, which is where we ate. There is also a fancier option being a Michelin star restaurant situated above the Sky Gardens. We had to take a silly photo and naturally, I posed as a Unicorn thanks to the Shard (below)

After lunch, we popped home to walk the doggies and change (as it was freezing) before we headed to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park for some festive fun - we even brought Stella with us ^.^ I'm personally a huge fan of theme parks and fun-fairs so I always try to pop by Winter Wonderland when it's in town, only thing is Fabio tends to get motion sickness and therefore I usually don't have a partner in crime to go on rides with which is rather poop but hey, c'est la vie!

...and of course, silly photos are a'plenty!

A little later in the month of December, I held my annual Christmas dinner for my friends at the crib and I am happy to say it was a success! We enjoyed some delicious homemade food by yours truly and the evening was full of witty banter. We even played Cards against Humanity which was just hilarious beyond words, I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a fun game or a funny gift...

H&M faux leather trousers • Chanel boots • Dress/top by Koza • Bag by Hermès • Jacket by Acne Studios

Next up is an outfit post from my last pre-christmas shopping trip before our road trip to Switzerland. Shannon and I decided to take a trip to Selfridges to have a looksie at the pre-sale goodies and coincidentally we were very lucky to be invited by a lovely viewer who works in the personal shopping department who had noticed me tweet about the sale - how cool right?! I have personally never taken advantage of such a service in any store to be honest as it's never really appealed to me but all I can say is I have been converted haha it is so much fun! You basically get a private dressing room for the afternoon with unlimited coffee and/or champagne along with a personal shopper who accompanies you around the store and helps you find items you would like to try on. The items you choose wether it be clothing or shoes then get taken back to your personal dressing room for you to try on and then pay for in your own time should you decide to purchase something, without needing to go elsewhere to pay. PRETTY FABULOUS. I can however understand why that wouldn't appeal to somebody as it does seem a little on the fancy side of life but hey for a special occasion, why not?!

...and last but not least we have a slightly blurry photo from inside the Selfridges personal shopping dressing room which comes complete with a pedestal! How fancy eh? 

Well that's all for today guys, I hope you have enjoyed catching up with me and be sure to pop back because I have a photo heavy post to follow shortly of our trip to sunny (and at the time) a not-so-snowy St.Moritz! Much love to you all, and until next time ☮ xo

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