Friday, August 24, 2012

Not So Mellow Yellow

Top - Primark | Shorts - Cheap Monday | Heels - Zara | Earrings - ASOS | Bag - Chanel | YSL Stone ring

Hey Hey!

The other night Fabio & I went for dinner to an all time favourite restaurant of ours, Ortanique, on Miracle Mile here in Miami. The food is delicious and the staff are nothing short of wonderful, and they  are known for their famous Mojitos which I can confirm are delicious :)

Hope you are all well!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A D'vine Evening

Top - American Apparel | Skirt - ASOS | Sandals - Aldo | Bag - Market

Hey Hey!

A few years ago I discovered this really laid back and quite upbeat shisha (hookah/nargile) café / restaurant called D'vine on Lincoln road here in Miami and I have been going back there every time I find myself here. The vibe is quite nice and energetic and they do some pretty decent food considering the main part of the café is seated outdoors on Lincoln road itself, which is a pedestrian only walk way.

They do some crazy Shisha flavour concoctions from 'Sex on the beach' to 'Mojito' which you can have with or without alcohol believe it or not (I prefer not) and they even have a mix that includes milk in the base instead of water / juice !! You can also get a watermelon base, yes an actual watermelon, and an apple head or pineapple even! The list goes up to about 60 different mixtures I believe, good stuff!

So, as I was saying, Fab & I tend to go there on a more relaxed evening or if we find ourselves in the Miami beach area and it is the kind of place you can sit back, socialise and enjoy a cocktail. I will hopefully be featuring D'vine in my 'Fave places in Miami' video if I manage to get decent footage of my fave places as I visit them ( a lot of time it is at night at the quality is quite poor) but I will do my best!

Hope you are all well!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Casual & Comfy

Top - Topshop | Trousers - Zara | Shoes- Sandro | Bag- Louis Vuitton Alma Vernis | Sunnies - Prada Baroque

Hey Hey!

A casual outfit post today of an outfit I wore last week that was just so comfortable and not only felt it, but I also feel like it came across that I was just comfy and enjoying my time here in Miami!
We went for a simple lunch at the Cheesecake factory and then window shopped for a bit in the Grove before heading home!

Hope you are all well!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Universal Studios Orlando

 The Incredible Hulk - My fave rollercoaster!
  The Hulk at another angle
 Dudley's ripsaw falls 
 I would of run away when I was a kid haha
 The Wizzarding World of Harry Potter

 All aboard lol
 Dr Seuss :)
 We couldn't resist the temptation
 Scooby & Shaggy
 Chillin' by the Mystery Machine
 Im such a petrol head!
 Pit-stop at the Kwik-E-mart
 Krusty Land!
There's always a Starbucks around somewhere!

Hey Hey!
Hope you are all well! Last week Fab & I took a road trip up to Orlando to visit Universal Studios & Islands of Adventures, and booked a room at the Hard Rock Hotel for one night which is an on-site hotel at the theme parks, well one of three.

It was a first for Fab as he had never been to these theme parks before (I've been visiting since I was a kid) and we had such a blast! He does get motion sickness though so we only did the incredible hulk rollercoaster once and skipped the other rollercoasters (I've done them before and could have gone on them 50 times in a row lol) but we got a chance to go on all the other rides, except for Harry Potter as the queue was just too damn long and there was no express lane! (If you are staying at one of the three on site hotels, you get a fast pass and get to skip all the queues!)

We had an amazing time none-the-less and I am glad we got the chance to enjoy it so much despite the on-off weather. I did also vlog whilst there and have embedded the video below!

Lots of Love!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Miami Lookbook | Week one

Skirt - MinkPink | Top - Urban Outfitters | Wedges - Aldo | Bag - Chanel
 Shirt - Urban Outfitters Reworked | Deck Shoes - Topshop | Bag - Chanel | Sunnies - RayBan | Belt - Forever 21
 Dress - Millau @ LF | Heels - Zara | Bag - Chanel | Earrings - Wallmart
Top - Primark | Shorts - Ragged Priest | Bag - Vintage Hermes Kelly | Wedges - Aldo

Hey Hey!

This post is late and for that I apologise but as I am on holiday I have been quite busy and have tried to keep posting as much as possible, but hey, better late than never!

Above you will find some pictures of some of my outfits from my first week here in Miami, and I decided that I will be doing weekly lookbook videos on my Youtube Channel and if you guys would be interested do check them out! The first lookbook video can be found below and I hope you guys like it! If so, stay tuned for Lookbook Week 2 which will be coming in the next few days :) 

Hope you are all fantabulously well and enjoying what's left of Summer!! 


Thursday, August 02, 2012

Miami Diaries | The first week

Hey Hey!

How are you all? Hope you are all well! So I am still in Miami (Thanks jeebus!) and today marks our first week here over (*sobs*) and we have have a very relaxing and blissful time!

The first few pictures are from a family boat trip we took on Sunday and it was really lovely, I got to catch some sun with Fabio whilst my dad played the role of captain, and my mom was trying to calm down Gracie (who we thought would enjoy the open sea but was kind of scared!) and then we stopped at this cool poolside sports bar and grill and had a bite, before heading home.

The next few pictures are from all around, the loaded sky high nachos are from one of my fave spots to grab a yummy (but not so healthy) bite here in Miami called Flannigans! I hope to do a video on my favourite places here but I keep forgetting to film when I go to them (DOH!) but I will get it done haha and how cool is the vintage Camaro SS that was parked outside! I am a sucker for vintage cars and really hope to be the proud owner of one (or 10!) when I can afford it haha!

Then the sushi is from one of my fave casual sushi spots here in Miami again which can be found on lincoln road and they seriously do not disappoint when it comes to fresh, tasty sushi! And they also have a great selection of hot dishes which kept Fabio happy, he loves a good steak lol

So that is pretty much the sum up of my first week in Miami, I did get to do some shopping with my mum which is always fun and I got some really cool pieces from Zara that you can see below that I posted on my Instagram (Username: FashionFilth)

 I also popped into Sachs 5th Avenue & Sephora and got some lovely stuff which I will share with you guys in an upcoming haul or two, but before that, how COOL are these Velvet Nails by Ciaté? I can't wait to do a tutorial on it for you guys! :)

Hope you are all enjoying your summers as much as I am,
Take care guys!

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