Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Haul... What me gots !

Hey Monsters !
Christmas is nearly overrrr :(
But as I am still in Xmas mood, I thought I would do a post on the pressies i got this year :)
I am so happy with everything I got, but most of all I am so appreciative to have my health, my familly and my familly's health, and my friends and boyfriend... :)

Anyhoooo, moving on to all things materialistic ! [tee-hee]
Here is what I got this yearrrr :

1- These beautiful Chanel earing from my boyfriend (l)

2. This Gorgeous Chanel necklace from my brother :)

3. This sexyyy Tiffany's Key necklace from my mama n papa :)

4. This E.Vil jumper from mama n papa n vintage gold waistebelt from the Grandpa n Grandma

5. (Left to right) A sick Topshop wallet from the grandparents, a Missoni scarf from the 'rents and the f*cking amazeballs 12 megapixel Samsung camera with screen on front and back !!
(been dying for a camera since i broke mine and this one is perfectooooo!!)

6. NYC 'Andy Warhol" perfume with my nicknamed road in NYC on the bottle lid ! from za parentals

7.Giorgio Armani Brush set from mama n papa

And voilaaaa !
That is what I got for crimbo :D

What did You guys get???

Lexi xoxo


  1. Ummm sweet ass...I can't believe your fam has such good taste! I looove that jumper and of course the tiffany's necklace...everything else is gorg too...just a little fyi I'm not *positive* but I think your camera doesn't record video with the front screen, just letting you know because I wanted that one too but heard the thing about the front/video mode! Merry Christmas lovey!

  2. luv ur gfts ...great choices!! jealous ..just alittle ..;D

  3. @Aleksis... I suppose we can't have everything within 1 camera ! haha but i never really tke many videos, just i take a HELL of alot of pics of me n my friends from the front and the screen will come in VERY handy !! Also its amazeballs quality and I hve been using my iphone recentlty wich is good bt jus nothing to compare !! Thanks for the lovely comments tho n the interest :D xx

  4. I love all that jewelery! The earrings are definitely my fav. You got spoilt! x

  5. Wow, great gifts!! Love those Chanel Earrings.

    I got some money & giftcards. =D

  6. I would do anything for a set of Chanel earrings! Great gifts, your family certainly has great taste!! & Yay for a new camera! I'll be posting my new camera soon ;-)

  7. Your presents are sweeet, especially the skull jumper and chanel earrings =]
    Thanks so much for following back. Btw eisai ellinida? =P


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