Monday, June 28, 2010

My Brand New CHANEL boots !!

Hey Dollies !!
Havent posted in a while, not so much writer's block but more like lack of free time !!
I am off to Miami on wednesday so will have lots and lots to blog and vlog about then so make sure you stay tuned !!

But moving on to other things, not so long ago I went into selfridges with one of my besties and decided to do my usual rounds of Chanel to keep my hunger at bay.
But little did i know I would go in there and fall truly madly DEEPLY in love with some boots... (well maybe I kind of knew I was incapable of going into Chanel and leaving empty handed.)

So I do my little rounds of the mini store in Selfridges, and as I am about to walk off I glanced at the mannequin in the mini window and saw my new lovers. 
There stood, the most AMAZING boots I have seen in my life so far... (or at least I think so).

Black biker'esque boots with this amazing silver shield like plate on the front, a comfortable looking heel and more buckles than a cowboy could dream of (lol)

I saw them and instantly ran to the counter and was like ... gasp... BOOTS ! size 38 & 39 !!! 

After wat felt like three hours on the phone to the woman in the stock room, the shop assistant told me they had both sizes in the chanel showroom upstairs.... So i ran.... and HERE THEY AREEEE !!!!

Sorry to bore you with the story.... but here are the boots ! 

Lexi xoxo

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