Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Lita Collection

Today is a short & sweet post on a shoe-crush of mine, the Jeffrey Campbell Lita's. There isn't a thing I dislike on these beautiful platform booties, and you'll probably be able to tell from my mini-fleet !! A while back I purchased the khaki pair, as everyone seemed to have the black leather ones, and I wanted to go for a pair I'd never seen in real life. Then I came to Miami, and saw the American flag Lita's in LF and couldn't not buy them as they're not only AH-MAY-ZING but they're sold out everywhere ! ( I also like how the ones I picked up are stripes with stars on the tip over the other way round, and I've never seen them this way before!!) I then decided that as I wear black the most, I couldn't help but to get my hands on a black pair... but the leather ones, as I said before, seem to be everywhere... SO a trip to was in need so that I could go through their endless lita collection & choose a black pair... But then came the hard decision... WHICH black pair?!?
And.... the results are in.... I couldn't choose between the black velvet or the black exotic snakeskin... SO i got them both !! hehehehe


Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm in Miami bitch!!

Hey dolls! I just recently landed in Miami :) and have just finished unpacking my endless mounds of clothes (I'm abroad for 3 months!!) Just a quick update as I promised I'd be blogging way more n sharing photos with you all! So stay posted!! Here are a few pics of the shoes I brought with me!

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