Monday, January 28, 2013

Honeymoon Lookbook Part Two

Hey Hey!

I apologise for the lack of blog posts but I am trying to stay as on top of blogging and vlogging as I can whilst out here in Miami on our honeymoon :)

My last post was the first part of my honeymoon lookbook and below you will find photos followed by my latest youtube video lookbook of part two! There are a few outfits in the video that are not shown below in the photos, so if you'd like to see them do check out the video! Fabio also makes an appearance or two :P 

I hope you guys like the outfits, let me know your thoughts, and stay tuned for part three ^.^

Tee- Yves Saint Laurent
Trousers - H&M
Wedges - Zara
Bag - Louis Vuitton Alma (smaller size) 
Blazer - Zara
Shirt - Vintage
Shorts - BDG at Urban Outfitters
Bag (left) - Vintage Hermes Kelly
Sneaker Wedges (left) - Aldo
Bag (right) - Chanel 2.55
Heels (right) - Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary Capsule Collection
Top - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop
Gladiator Sandals - Urban Outfitters
Watch - Chanel J12
Dress - Townsen
Sandals - Sandro
Belt - ASOS
Bag - Louis Vuitton Alma (small size)
Earrings - Topshop
Dress - ASOS
Bag - Chanel 2.55
Heels - Louboutin Lady Peep in patent
Earrings - Butler & Wilson

I hope you're all well & if you like my photos, do make sure to follow me on Instagram, my username is @FashionFilth 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Honeymoon Lookbook Part One

Hey Hey !!

Today I am sharing with you lovelies the first part of my Honeymoon Lookbook which consists of outfits worn whilst on our honeymoon! I hope you guys enjoy these type of posts, and do check out my latest youtube video which is featured below to see the outfits in more detail :)

Shirt - ASOS
Crop - Topshop
Shorts - BDG at Urban Outfitters
Sneaker wedges - Aldo
Bag - Louis Vuitton Alma vernis
Moschino Cuff
YSL ring
Chanel J12 watch
CĂ©line Tee - Ebay
Cardigan - Vintage
Shorts - Topshop
Shoes - Zara
Lipstick - Louise Grey for Topshop in 'Legend'
Louis Vuitton Alma vernis bag
Necklace -
YSL ring with white stone
Tee - Kenzo
Skirt - Vintage Alaia
Heels - Topshop
Fishnet socks - House of Holland
Gold chunky necklace -
Bag - Vintage Hermes Kelly bag
Sunglasses - Retro Super Future
Moschino Cuff
Maxi Dress - Zara
Vintage Chanel belt
Vintage Hermes Kelly bag
Sandals - Topshop
Cardigan/Blazer - Topshop
YSL ring with black stone
Chanel J12 Watch
Moschino Cuff

Hope you are all well! 


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bye Bye Barbados

Some DELISH shrimp, rice and peas & more from Oystin's Fish Fry in Barbados
My favourites! Palm treeeeeees
Jumping with Joy :) 
The love of my life and the addictive Bajan rum punch!
Can't go to the beach on your honeymoon without some Sand shenanigans!
Myself & the famous mushroom rock
Some wall art on we passed by on the Island Safari Tour of Barbados

Hey Hey!

Today has been a loong day of travelling, but I find myself sat in probably one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever laid my bottom in. Beautiful Barbados is no longer around us, but I cannot complain as I find myself in my parents beautiful love shack penthouse on Ocean Drive here in Miami.

Our honeymoon has been more than a dream so far, and I find myself overwhelmed with feelings of joy, and feeling more blessed than ever. How all this positivity and pure bliss is happening to me, or why should I say, dumbfounds me every single day - but then I shouldn't shit on the present and how perfect *touch wood* our trip has been but asking myself those questions everyday is what keeps me level headed.

So as I said, I am here in Miami with my wonderful husband, trying to get my head around how much beauty I have been surrounded with this past week. There is so much to see in this world, so much beauty and I am so lucky to have gotten to see some of the beauty that is Barbados and I wanted to share a few more photos from our trip with you lovelies! I know it's hard to capture the same beauty you see with you eyes in a photo, but they capture the memories and the moments to remind us of the good times we once had and the amazing places we once visited! I hope you guys like the pictures, and check back for more as I will be taking plenty here in Miami :)

Lots of Lurrrrv!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Red Soles & Sunburn!

Jumpsuit - Topshop
Belt - Vintage (Beyond Retro)
Bag - Chanel 2.55
Shoes - Patent Lady Peep Louboutins

Hey Hey!!

Hello again from the beautiful barbados! The photos above are some quick outfit shots Fabio took on Monday night before we popped out for dinner to a breathtaking restaurant called The Cliff, which is known as the number one restaurant in Barbados, although it does have some up & coming competition but as I have yet to visit any of the other restaurants I can safely say the food was beyond delicious.

The restaurant is situated on the side of a small cliff looking over the ocean and a small beach and is dimly lit with candles and fire torches. The weather has been mostly great, with a few small showers here and there but the restaurant has this really cool drapery that slides across the open air restaurant when it rains to cover the guests, which was pretty impressive to say the least!

Anyhoo, I chose a jumpsuit and heels as the restaurant has a 'fancy' dress code and I was in a trousers kinda mood :P Not to mention the fact that I am clearly a tad sunburnt haha! Do not underestimate the Bajan sun! I have been wearing SPF 30 and look what happend -_- haha..

As for today, we went to visit Harrison's Cave which is an amazing sight to see if you are visiting the island. You pay roughly $30 USD each and you get taken into the cave with lots of others by tram & it's really fun.. a tad scary but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm very glad we did it :) We are going to have a quiet night in at our hotel, and tomorrow we plan to spend our last full day by the pool catching some more rays (not that I need it but I am an tan-a-holic but hey, that's normal when we rarely see the sun over in London lol) and on Friday we are off to my home away from home, Mi-yayo! (Miami) hehe ^.^

Hope you are all well! 

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Honeymooning in Barbados

The view from our hotel room terrace, breathtaking or what!
Some beautiful birdies who joined us for a smoothie
Fab & I by the ocean
And of course, the best kind of photo! 

Hey Hey!!

As you can tell, Fabio & I are honeymooning!! We have started our travels in Barbados for 7 nights and plan to head to Miami this Friday for 3 weeks, and it has been pretty blissful so far! It's our first time away in a hot country during the January cold of London so we are both soo over the moon to escape the cold haha :P

We are staying at a beautiful hotel on the west coast of Barbados near Holetown, and we spend most of our days chilling by the pool or on the beach, or discovering the island of Barbados (which will need more than one trip as there is a lot of cool stuff to do!)

Today we went on an island safari tour where you go around the island with other visitors in an off road car with no doors (seats about 10) and you get to see some of the most amazing views and learn about the culture and history of the beautiful island and the tour ends at a little buffet that serves some delicious Bajan cuisine such as Macaroni Pie, Rice & Peas etc...Yummmmmy! (Sure makes london look dull!)

Above are 4 of the 200+ photos I have taken so far (hehe) and I do plan on sharing more with you as time goes by... Anyway, I gotta run as I must get ready for dinner but I will be blogging a lot more from Miami!

Hope you are all well

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Farewell Fashion of 2012!

Hey Hey!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you beautiful people! 2013 has arrived here in the UK (amongst other places) and I want to wish you all a magical new year, and hope that you had as wonderful of a year as I did in 2012! Above are a few of the many outfits I shared during the year which I figured would be an appropriate photo to accompany this post! :)

It was a big year for me as I got to work with some amazing people, I got to travel which is one of my most favourite things to do, I got married, and most importantly I got to spend another year with all my loved ones and see some family that I haven't had a chance to see for a long time.

What did you guys love about 2012? or even hate! Well we have been blessed with a new year which means new resolutions (if we stick to them! lol) Mine for example is to start a journal and write everyday until January 1st 2014 as I have always wanted to write a journal and stick to it but unfortunately haven't as of yet, hence why it's my resolution!! Now I know they aren't something we all do, and I don't usually take them very seriously but why not! Got nothing to lose :)

I also wants to say a MAHOOSIVE thank you to all you guys, my beautiful & wonderful loyal subbies & followers and if it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't have the motivation I have to keep at my blog/channel & you guys have played a huge role in helping me to be confident and happy in my own skin! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

I hope 2013 is a magical year filled with joy & happiness for you and if something brings you down, just remember you are loved and cherished by many and that is reason enough to turn that frown upside down! ;)

Love you all and be safe!
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