Monday, November 22, 2010

REVIEW | HD professional make-up By Graftobian & Ben Nye

Hello there my dearest followers :)

Yep, it has been a while, and I apologise but to be honest, I've been suffering from a mild case of writer's block... But now I am back, and I am hoping to step up my blogging & vlogging game and try crack at least 1 blog post, or video upload every 1-2 days... 

Today I am going to be reviewing one of my latest obssesions....Professional HD cream foundations by Graftobian & Ben Nye. I stumbled upon the graftobian foundation review on Miss Natty's Beauty Diary and its kinda funny because like here, I have been looking for a professional, durable and wonderfully covering foundation [not sure that is gramatically correct lol] Anyway, I decided to try it our for myself.

My research began as to which palette is right for me, and being an "NC35" in Mac, and finding out that my perfect tone would be 'Buttermilk' in Graftobian's foundation (Thanks to Natty's review) I decided to buy the 'Warm' Palette by Graftobian, as it is the right palette for someone with yellow tones in their skin, like me and also the single colour of "Buttermilk" for everyday use.

 If you have pink undertones in your skin, the correct palette for you would be 'Cool'.
If you have Grey/Neutral undertones, the correct palette for you would be 'Neutral'.

There are three smaller "5 tone" palettes available for each tone which retail at around £22, or you can buy the entire collection of your tone's palette, which comes with all 18 colours which retail at around £81.

I attempted to buy the palette and other bits & bobs off Graftobian's website but it wouldn't work, so luckily I found a UK based website that sells a more limited stock of Graftobian's make-up, but luckily had what I was looking for. After having a look around the website, I also stumbled across the "Ben Nye Matte palette" and after not being able to decide on the Ben Nye or Graftobian one, I got them both.

Here are their swatches:



One of the handy things about the Ben Nye palette is that it comes in a sort of paint-like palette and has room for mixing the colours. Each individual colour also pops out, which is really handy if you want to take one with you rather than the entire palette, and they have nifty little lids !

I also got my hands on some fake eyelashes and the Graftobian Cake Liner in Black, RRP around £9 which is pictured below with the single colour of Graftobian HD cream foundation in"buttermilk" which retails at £13.50, and their swatches follow.

I also got my hands on some false eyelashes, that retailed only at a very low £3.50 !!


I have to say that I am really happy with all of my purchases, and I think that both the Graftobian Palettes and Ben Nye palettes are amazing, and I am very glad I bought both.

In a little bit more detail:

The Graftobian Palette is very creamy, and a very little goes a long long way ! I love the creamyness, the lack of cakyness is also great, and it last a super long time ! (Make up remover struggled to get off the swatches). It is very pigmented and coverage is impeccable ! You do also get more colour's than the Ben Nye but then again, this palette costs £30 more than the Ben Nye.

The Ben Nye palette is slighty less creamy than the Graftobian, but the overall packing is more versatile if you want to take a single colour on-the-go with you. The colours are also very pigmented, and hard to get off, but are great with coverage, and for £30 less than the Graftobian, the difference is only slight, and this palette will do just as good of a job.


In terms of personal preference, I love the Graftobian palette to death, and I am already fearful of it running out ! hehe

Anyway, I hope this review helped you guys out, and if you want a little more info, dont hesitate to check out Natty's blog as it really helped me out alot.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

REVIEW | MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Review

Hey Dolls ! 

Today I will be reviewing MAC's latest mascara, 'Haute & Naughty Lash' which is pictured above. 
Now usually I am not a big fan of MAC's mascara's, but that all changed when I purchased this £17 bad boy from MAC... (I think that's how much it was!)

The Great thing about this mascara is that it has two "Settings"... If you unscrew the pink top of the mascara, the perfectly fanned out brush comes out of the tube with minimal mascara on the brush, but enough to fan out your lashes and coat them perfectly for the daytime.
If you unscrew the purple top of the mascara, the brush comes out of the tube covered in mascara to give you that .... "POW" factor :P basically your eyelashes are super coated and perfect for a night out.

The top photograph shows the mascara with the pink top unscrewed showing the lesser coated brush, and the picture underneath it is the more coated brush.
I am so happy to have bought this product as it is my fave mascara right now... and below you will find my make up of the day... in the first photograph I haven't applied the mascara yet to show you my lashes without mascara, and in the pictures to follow my eyelashes are coated with the lesser option, the pink part of the mascara...

(In the photo I am wearing smashbox HD foundation in Light L4 followed by Bare Minerals matte foundation in 26 Golden Medium and on my eyes  Mac eyeshadow in Ricepaper in the Lid and Mac eyeshadow in club in the crease.)

Hope this was enjoyable and helpful !

Lexi x


Monday, July 19, 2010

REVIEW | Victoria's Secret Lipsticks

Hey Dolls !

Today I will be reviewing three shades of Viccy's Secret lipsticks, two of which are pink/nude shades and the other a red.

I discovered these lippys in easter and I love them so much ! They have a lovely creamy texture and are highly pigmented so they give you an eye popping colour on your lips, and glide on so easily. 
I find they are best applied with a lip brush but blending them with your finger works well too.

The two pink shades are lovely for the day time in summer and the red is great for whenever you want an eye popping, teeth brightening red lipstick.

There are two photos below, one of the lipsticks ( the names of the lipsticks are stated) and one of a swatch.  They arent too pricey and are highly recommended !!


(Above and below, from left to right: Be Mine, Breathe, Showstopper)

Lexi xoxo

Thursday, July 15, 2010

REVIEW | Sephora 'Chic Nails' nail art stickers


So Today I will be reviewing the Sephora Chic Prints for Nails, which are just like the Minx nails you can get done in Salons, but cheaper ! 

They are sticker-like foils that you stick on your nails, file away the exess and have amazingly awesome patterns on your nails ! They come with different sizes to fit your own nails and can be trimmed to fit if they are too large. They work really well but unfortunately only last about a day or two and some tend to fall off if they get wet lol... but they are perfect for a special occasion or just to grab people's eye ! My friend got so many comments when I did them for her :) 

So if you want to get your hands on them, get to Sephora quickly as they are limited edition, or order them off the website ! 

Photos beloww !! 

( I have recorded a video of how to apply this product so I will post it on my Youtube account which is linked on the left hand side of my blog as soon as My internet here in Miami allows me too, if not I will do it when i get back to London, so stay tuned !!)

Lexi xoxo

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Brand New CHANEL boots !!

Hey Dollies !!
Havent posted in a while, not so much writer's block but more like lack of free time !!
I am off to Miami on wednesday so will have lots and lots to blog and vlog about then so make sure you stay tuned !!

But moving on to other things, not so long ago I went into selfridges with one of my besties and decided to do my usual rounds of Chanel to keep my hunger at bay.
But little did i know I would go in there and fall truly madly DEEPLY in love with some boots... (well maybe I kind of knew I was incapable of going into Chanel and leaving empty handed.)

So I do my little rounds of the mini store in Selfridges, and as I am about to walk off I glanced at the mannequin in the mini window and saw my new lovers. 
There stood, the most AMAZING boots I have seen in my life so far... (or at least I think so).

Black biker'esque boots with this amazing silver shield like plate on the front, a comfortable looking heel and more buckles than a cowboy could dream of (lol)

I saw them and instantly ran to the counter and was like ... gasp... BOOTS ! size 38 & 39 !!! 

After wat felt like three hours on the phone to the woman in the stock room, the shop assistant told me they had both sizes in the chanel showroom upstairs.... So i ran.... and HERE THEY AREEEE !!!!

Sorry to bore you with the story.... but here are the boots ! 

Lexi xoxo


Saturday, March 20, 2010

REVIEW | Korres Lip Butters

rHey Dolls,

I have been asked to do a review on the Korres lip butters....
I love Korres, not only because I am greek (its a greek brand) but also because atm I am very much into natural products, and Korres is a very natural product, with no crap in it lol....

The reason I love these lip butters so much is that they are all natural, and come in amazing colours, from pink to reds and they are all different fruits/flowers and smell amazing, and also are good for ur lips, preventing chapping and healing and nourishing at the same time. 

Below are some piccys of what the products look like :)

Lexi xoxo

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My designer handbags ! [OLD]

rHey Monsters !

So if you didnt know, I now have a formspring account, so if you have ANY questions or requests, Please lemme no and i will get bak to u & hopefully do a post on what u guys request ! 

My formspring : Go on, be a perve. 

A lovely follower requested for me to do a haul on all my designer bags, so here it is !

I have numbered all the bags and will have their make and/or names underneath. 

Enjoy !!

1.  Gold Marc Jacobs bag
2. Tan Chloe paddington bag
3. Chanel multi pocket bag
4. Large vintage Chanel bag
5. Unsure of the make of this bag, bought it in Harrods.

1. Large Louis Vuitton bag
2. Large beige Chloe paddington bag
3.Vintage Hermes bag
4. Bebe Fringe bag
5. Tan vintage Dior bag

1. Metallic Blue Chanel Bag
2. Classic Chanel 2.55 in large, beige/gold
3. Chanel silver flap bag
4. Vintage small gold Chanel bag
5. Chanel material 2.55 
6. Chanel clasisc 2.55 in black/gold
7. Chanel Union Jack bag

Lexi xoxo
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