A now 31 year old mum and wife who has yet to let go of her self-proclaimed identity as a fashion & beauty blogger and youtuber. I've been running my blog on and off for over ten years now (too long maybe) and while I'm unsure why I find myself sat here again, well here I am!

Incase you forgot, or just didn't know, I'm half greek and english, love to travel (when that was once allowed, thanks Covid) and I love all animals, especially my husband and our two dogs, cat & snake.

Petrolhead may as well be my middle name because I don't have one and well I am one hell of a car lover - the fast kind, but also the vintage kind. I've grown up around them with an engineer for a faja so guess that explains it... I even have a car tattoo because do you really love something if it isn't forever embedded in your skin? I have many more tattoos as a matter of fact, which you can find out more about 
here on my youtube channel!

Still here? Wowza, your attention span is better than mine... I got distracted watching Shark Tale.

Anyoooo, I want to say a mahooooosive THANK YOU for taking the time out of your day/life to read about lil old me and for having  a look at my crazy mess of a blog.

I honestly love you ALL! ♡ Stay you! Stay SAFE! Filthy Fam 5ever – xo Lexi





  1. Can't believe I've watched you for around a year now and never gone Onto your blog, well until now that is. Love it and hope you keep posting your amazing style Hugs ;)

  2. I happened to come across your YouTube channel...I'M IN LOVE!!! Can I just spend 1 day in your closet touching your Chanel bags and Loubou's????? Not to mention all the other goodies in there!!!

  3. Dont you have a P.O. box or smth ?


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