Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My New Tattoo :D

Hey all,
Yesterday I took the day of college to go to "The Familly Business" tattoo shop in Angel, London, to get my latest tattoooo ! The shop is Ah-may-zing, although there is quite a bit of a waiting list ( I had to wait 2 weeks, but some people have to wait 8 months Depending on the artist!) Anyhoo, everyone in the shop are so lovely and nice, opposed to some artists i have had tattoo me in the past that have been shmucks... My artist was from Rome, Italy, and was such a sweatheart, and he did the most fantastic job ! :D... I got two flower tatts on my wrist, each signifying my parents. The top flower is a pink carnation, and signifies the love of a mother, this flower is for my mum, and the bottom flower is a gladiolus, which represents strength, which is for my dad... Some pics below....
(Its swollen and has cream on it the pics lol)

(Below: Before)
(My artist, Diego)


Peas and Lurv xoxo




  1. swweeeettt!! its soo pretty! <3

  2. ouchie! but its beautiful! hehehe

  3. Nice What kind of flowers are those?


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