Thursday, February 25, 2010

My designer handbags ! [OLD]

rHey Monsters !

So if you didnt know, I now have a formspring account, so if you have ANY questions or requests, Please lemme no and i will get bak to u & hopefully do a post on what u guys request ! 

My formspring : Go on, be a perve. 

A lovely follower requested for me to do a haul on all my designer bags, so here it is !

I have numbered all the bags and will have their make and/or names underneath. 

Enjoy !!

1.  Gold Marc Jacobs bag
2. Tan Chloe paddington bag
3. Chanel multi pocket bag
4. Large vintage Chanel bag
5. Unsure of the make of this bag, bought it in Harrods.

1. Large Louis Vuitton bag
2. Large beige Chloe paddington bag
3.Vintage Hermes bag
4. Bebe Fringe bag
5. Tan vintage Dior bag

1. Metallic Blue Chanel Bag
2. Classic Chanel 2.55 in large, beige/gold
3. Chanel silver flap bag
4. Vintage small gold Chanel bag
5. Chanel material 2.55 
6. Chanel clasisc 2.55 in black/gold
7. Chanel Union Jack bag

Lexi xoxo
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