Thursday, July 18, 2013

My experience with Alcohol Poisoning

Hey Hey!

That's about as positive as this blog post is going to be... I am currently vacationing in Miami and whilst being out here I managed to wind up with alcohol poisoning. Why is she writing about this? Well, I've decided to do a blog post about this, no, not because I want attention or sympathy, but because I want to raise awareness about something that can happen to any one of you reading this who likes to drink, club, go out and have a good time... you get the drift.

On Monday 8th July I went on a night out here in Miami with one of my closest friends Nia who some of you may know of already, and my husband Fabio to a nightclub known as Mansion as we noticed Ricky Ross (the boss) lol was playing and we don't get subjected to a lot of appearances from celebs in clubs back in London (because London is shit) like folks do out here in the states so we jumped on the occasion and hit the clurrb.

I don't know what it was that night that took over me but for some weird reason, maybe because I seldom go clubbing in London, or even drink a lot for that matter but anyway something made me feel the need to order a drink, and as soon as it was finished, top it up - maybe include a shot or two... to be honest I don't even know the exact amount I drank that night but I was informed that our livers can process a unit of alcohol an hour, and I drank about 10 in an hour or two, god knows how much in total that night. Yeah, what a dumbass right? But I wasn't aware at the time, and I was ordering drinks for everyone so it turns out I got a tad carried away and before you know, I woke up the next day in my bed, surrounded by glasses of water, vomit stains, scabby knees (from passing out) and my bin - and let me just say I didn't just wake up. The feeling that morning when I opened my eyes, that's the closest thing I've ever felt to what I can ONLY imagine dying feels like.

After two days of constant nausea, vomiting bile & water and uncontrollable dizziness, basically the worst hangover you've ever had times A FILLION, I knew something wasn't right. I was rushed to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with alcohol poisoning, dehydration, the lot of it. I was put on three drips one after the other, anti-nausea medicine and all that jazz but nothing ceased the feeling of DYING. Honestly, if giving up was an option, I was close. I was eventually discharged from hospital as there was no more they could do, and advised to 'try and eat, drink etc and rest up' which let me tell you is the last thing you want to do. All you want to do is curl up in a ball in your bed and vomit out the horrible feeling but unfortunately that isn't recommended nor will it help, so you just have to deal with the lingering feeling of rotting from the inside from the mass amounts of poison you've put in your body. This ordeal lasted the rest of the week and week-end and left me wanting to do nothing but sleep through everything which didn't even help because then I wasn't able to sleep at night which leaves you feeling even worse the next day. I took bath after bath, shower after shower in hopes of flushing the horrible feeling down the drain, but still nothing. You just have to wait - tick tock! ( I was lucky to not need my stomach pumped when in hospital because I'd been at home for two days prior so there wasn't anything to pump.)

Anyway, my point. Guys, girls, please be careful when drinking... I know it sounds SO cliché and motherly but if I can prevent any of you lovely people from having to go through what I went through by sharing this HORRENDOUS experience then I will do my best to do just that. Talk about a life lesson! And not only is it horrible to personally go through that, but to put my parents, husband, and friend through that is even worse because as wonderful as they were and as supportive and helpful as they could be, it was also extremely difficult for them to experience - and it's changed my plans for the summer as I'd planned a partying holiday with my friends but have been strongly advised by everyone  (doctors, familly) to not go - so I had to cancel it. SUCKS. 

So next time you're in the club, at a party, wherever you are and you've got a tasty but empty alcoholic beverage in your hand, just stop and think about how much you've had and visualise this really sad and scary photo of me in the hospital... and don't think it can't happen to you!

And here are a few links about alcohol poisoning and what to do if it does happen to you or someone you know. 

Drink responsibly guys & hope you're all well!
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