Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just in: Shopping on South Beach

Hey Hey!

Been a while, and for that I apologise! But I am hoping to blog more when I get back to London, because I am back in Miami at the moment (AGAIN?!) haha but I've picked up some new goodies - and I effing adore these purchases!

Bitch Tee & 'Tous les jours' maxi tee- Urban Outfitters
Saw these in Urban Outfitters on Collins today and I couldn't resist! How cute is the maxi dress!? It translates to 'Everyday I'm Hustlin' haha just thought it was genius and its sooo soft and is actually an oversized 'to the floor' tee and has a slit! Fancy that eh! The bitch tee is pretty epic, love the hawaiian'esque pattern with big bold gold letters :P

Smashbox 'The Masterclass Palette 2' - Sephora
I saw this palette and it has so many amazing highly pigmented eyeshadows, some matte and some with shimmer and they are such workable colours for everyday use and don't get me started on the blusher/bronzers! They're lush - check it out if you can! It also has some different coloured gel liner to try which is a bonus :)

Fresh Youth Preserve Lotus Face cream - Sephora
I found myself in need of a day/night moisturizer and my mom & I were shopping together in Sephora and she said she's always sworn by fresh and recommended this cream in particular and because my mother is such a milf, I had to take her word for it haha!!

Beauty Blender Sponge & Solid Cleaner - Sephora
Jumped on the bandwagon and got a beauty blender... Not really a sponge fan but as there is a hype behind this little EXPENSIVE fella if I may boldly add haha. Also grabbed the solid cleaner, seems useful! Stay tuned on my Youtube Channel to see if it ends up in a Favourites! (Subscribe too tee-hee!)

I also grabbed two new brushes from Sephora's new brush collection which I am excited to try, I will talk about them more in the haul I feature this stuff in as you can't see well in this photo but one is a fun brush contraption to remove clumps from your eyelashes and the other is a practical concealer brush... anyway, hope you're all well!


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