Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Perfect Wedge

Fabio had a night off from work recently so we decided to go to Westfield to a restaurant we go to now and again called Meat & wine co and if you are a meat eater (which I am not but my husband is) then you'll enjoy their steaks. It's a little pricy but the food is tasty and the cocktails are nice - although I will say if your a pescetarian like me or a vegetarian/vegan then the options are very minimal.

I wore a recent purchase from Zara which is this black knit long sleeved midi dress and you unfortunately can't tell in the photographs but there are hidden little specs of glitter in the dress which is really subtle but adds a cute touch. I paired it with my trusty leather H&M gilet which you'll be seeing a little less of now that the weather has turned to sh*t and its cooooold! I wore it with my smallest Alma Vernis bag in a pearly off white and my new faaaaavourite wedges from Ann Demeulemeester, that have to be the comfiest wedges since my Aldo wedges which are extremely similar passed away. (RIP)

These babies are far from the same price bracket as my Aldo wedges were but they are totes mahotes worth it if you care for my opinion as they are beyond comfortable, a great versatile height of 4 1/2 inches which makes the the perfect day to night shoes and I can shop in them! WOOP! I also massively adore the square wedge :D haha aaaanyway...

 Dress from Zara 
Leather gilet from H&M 
Silver chain from See Jewelry
 Louis Vuitton Alma Vernis bag 
Wedges by Ann Demeulemeester 
Chanel J12 Watch

I hope you're all fantabulous! ✌ xo



  1. Love the wedges, so cool!

  2. you look fabulous! love the dress in combination with the gilet!

    Check out my latest OOTD :-)

  3. Love this outfit, stunning photos!

  4. You're as gorgeous as ever!

  5. Gorgeous shoes! You look stunning xo

  6. Your husband and you have the relationship that EVERYBODY wishes! Congratulations really!!



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