Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello Yellow

Top by Kenzo / Trousers from Topshop / Chanel ballet flats / Jacket from River Island / Chain from See Jewelry  

Another day, another pair of trousers that I adore! I popped into topshop a few weeks ago in search of some trousers to wear through the cold months to follow as I appear to only own black jeans, blue jeans or some eccentric patterned palazzo pants that are really not winter friendly - so I don't know if you guys have noticed but topshop do this thing where they layer clothes on the same rail. What I mean is when new stock comes in they just pop it in front of their older stock and so what looks like a full rail of their new trousers/tops/etc actually has 4 or 5 different colours, patterns and styles hidden behind them! SO when I was digging through the rails of trousers I came across these babies! I instantly adored them as their so bright but are also versatile and the texture is slightly thick so they're on the warmer side :) I'm a size 8 and they only had a 10 so I got them because I refused to leave the store without them and although they are a little looser fitting and I believe they're meant to sit on the waist a little higher, I still love 'em!

Fab & I found ourselves wondering through Westfield the other day to kill time whilst waiting to go to the movies and we popped into River Island where I found the awesome "Acne'esque" faux shearling jacket I'm pictured wearing above and the sneaky bugger wondered off whilst I was browsing and paid for it! Haha he knows I would of wrestled him for it otherwise... what a cutie patootie eh! Hope you're all well! ✌ xo 


  1. You look lovely! yellow looks so nice on you x

  2. Love the top so much!

  3. Oh my god you look amazing , I love those trousers so friggin much! Awwww about the jacket and your husband(Atleast I think it's your husband , suuuuuuper embarressing for me if I'm wrong hahaha). Xx


  4. J'adore tes ballerines Chanel!! Awesome!!!!!

  5. I am in love with those trousers!! both the colour and the fit, I might have to check them out. And those flats are gorgeous

  6. LOVE this pop of colour! Your shoes are amazing too xo

  7. It's nice to see a pop of colour considering how dull the weather is here in London. It will definitely brighten up any outfit. Love it! :) Xx


  8. Wow! just an amazing outfit!
    Love your shores <3

  9. lovely outfit! Love the yellow pants on you aswell as the kenzo shirt. I have it too and it's so versatile x

    Skinny Jeans ♥

  10. Love those trousers!

  11. I adore those trousers! Love your blog, now following x

  12. Gotta love abit of neon to brighten up these bleak autumn/winter days. Gorgeous styling too & your hubby's such a cutie definitely a keeper aha beaut post!xo

  13. Love the trousers.
    Please can you check out my new blog :)


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