Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Ray of Sunshine

Sweater- Topshop
Gilet- H&M
Shoes- Topshop
Hat- Topman
Sunnies- NastyGal

Guys & Dolls!

You may recognise this outfit if you are a subbie and watch my YouTube videos, as I wore this very outfit in my latest OOTD video, but I also decided to photograph it (and then proceeded to forget I had done so) which is why this photo is so delayed to arrive here on my blog!

For those of you who haven't seen it before, well... there it is! Haha... I was off for a day out with one of my nearest & dearest Fran and it seemed hopeful on this very day for some sunshine here in London, but as per usual it was a fluke *cries* When will the sun ever stay for longer than a day, if even that? What to do eh?? *cough* MOVE to MIAMI (haha I wish!)

Well, I hope you like & if not, fair do's & cool beans! Until next time lovelies xoxo



  1. I love this outfit! I have those shoes! :)

  2. Love your sunglasses and the leather gillet!

  3. I love that gilet so much! Is it from hm?am i right? And u re ab-so-lu-te-ly gorgeous baby! As usual ;-)
    love from italy

  4. Lovely outfit - the shoes are so cool x

  5. wicked sunglasses!

  6. that skirt is amazing, love your channel :))

    rebecca x

  7. I love how you styled this skirt! I feel like I would never know what to do with it! I love your blog & youtube channel! You go girl :)



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