Thursday, May 10, 2012

My time at Club Paradise

Hey Hey!
If you follow me on twitter then you probs know that I am a big fan of Drake and Young Money in general and this past March I got the chance to go to see Drake live at the O2 Arena here in London, where he was performing his  Club Paradise tour, and above you'll find the pictures! We had some pretty awesome seats & we all really enjoyed seeing Drizzy live.

 It was my second time seeing him in concert & I have to say despite the really cool lighting effects and the fact that this time round he put on more of a show, I've realised that I recently prefer smaller, more intimate concert halls like HMV Hammersmith or as I have always known it Hammersmith Apollo which is where he performed a few years ago, and where I've also seen 50 cent, Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne.

 Anwayyyyyy I am rambling haha! Peace out homes xoxo



  1. SO jealous! oh my god! none of my friends are that into drake (or this genre at all) so i haven't been able to go.. it would actually make my life if he was part of the line up at t in the park this year.. xo

  2. I love Drake, your so lucky!! And I love the red lipstick your wearing, where is it from? :D

  3. I can tell how much you love Drake from your Tumblr and I am so glad you saw him! I love all the tees you guys wore to represent and I wish I could have seen him perform all of his songs from Take Care because that whole cd is amazing!!

  4. I saw him at the O2 as well, he put on a good show, love the way he interacts with the crowd!


  5. The concert he did at Hammersmith Apollo was my first ever concert! You are right it did feel intimate.



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