Saturday, December 24, 2011

St. Moritz, So far...

Hey everyone ! If you follow me on twitter (which you should! hehe) I am currently away for Christmas with Fabio and my family in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and it is so lovely and snowy!! I wanted to share my trip with you guys here on my blog as I can't upload any new videos onto my YT because the internet in our house isn't the strongest! But it IS strong enough for blogging so here goes!
Below are some pictures of the town that I wanted to share with you guys and beneath these pictures are some of what  I have bought since being here, and I'll go a little further into that when you get to those pictures ! See you after the jump ^.^

How pretttty is the town? I have been coming here since I was an ickle pickle, but it is Fabio's first time here in Switz and it is so lovely :) Anyway, on to the shopping hehe.. I haven't done much shopping since I have been here ( it has only been two days, and its so frickin expensive! ) But me and my mum went to the chemist (chemists are wayyy cooler out here) and we did pick up some goodies. I got my hands on these (not real) Chanel hair bands which I thought were pretty cool, and I also picked up some toiletries that I either forgot to bring or needed to get my hands on... and I also got the LOVELY and amazingly fantabulous YSL belt you see pictured below ( I didn't get that in the chemist lol )
Anyways my lovelies, I will be updating you on what I get for Xmas, and many more lovelies from my holiday, so see you soon ! P.S. Merry Christmas !!!!



  1. Love the YSL belt, and Switzerland looks fab! Merry Christmas xx

  2. OMG! What a beautiful town!! I've dreamt of visiting Switzerland since I was a kid! Mainly because of their chocolate but definitely for the landscape after seeing these pics! Thanks for sharing! And seize the opportunity and let the shopping begin! :o)

  3. It looks beautiful in St. Moritz! Hope you are having fun and Merry Christmas! I wanna steal your goodies...especially the YSL belt.

  4. St. Moritz is a great place. I miss being in Switzerland. Tell it hello from me. x

  5. I have the same exact onesie! And im wearing it right now while reading this! woo!! xxx


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