Sunday, December 25, 2011

Photo Diary | Christmas Day 2011!!

First of all, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and say a massive thank you for being such lovely followers and if it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't be doing what I do today :) You all mean so very much and I hope each and every person reading this feels the love !!

So as Im sure most of you already know, it is Christmas Day and I thought it would be cool to share what I got up to and my presents (which I am overwhelmed by) with you all. My day went a little like this:
We woke up late, had to move our lunch reservation to later as we weren't gonna be on time lol and we then opened our presents, left for lunch and came home to relax, and here I am now writing to you guys!

I am gonna share with you some pictures of my day to begin with, and then move on the pressies! This post is pic heavy and I got bored waiting to open presents so was messing around taking pics of myself!

So there ya have it, some pictures of me and my familly over lunch, me and fabio and me being silly with the camera! Shall we move on to the goodies?? I was so blessed to have been given so many wonderful Christmas presents this year from my familly & loved ones and I couldn't be any more grateful ! I hope you guys have enjoyed this post & below are the photos of my gifts! xoxo

As you dolls can see I was more than spoiled this christmas, but like I said I do not take it for granted & I am very lucky to be so blessed. I hope you all have had a wonderful day and spent it with the ones you loves, and bring on New years Eve!!

My Xmas Outfit
Dress- H&M
Jacket- Topshop
Necklace- River island
Belt- Vintage Chanel



  1. Omg, amazing gifts! The Chanel bag... so beautiful <33 I wore the same dress on christmas eve yesterday :)


  2. Wow you have the most amazing presents. It looks gorgeous where you are. Hope you have a wonderful day. X

  3. Nice gifts, where is the leather jacket you have on in the pictures from?

  4. This has made me even more determined to save for a chanel bag. Switzerland looks stunning :) xx

  5. i wish you a merry christmas, and i ADORE your presents.
    also, you are very very beautiful!

  6. Merry Christmas & OMG!*
    Blown away by the Chanel bag,Loves it!*
    Love the cute little deuces at the end of each post =)


  7. OMG! Channel, Valentino, I love everything!
    You and your mom are gorgeous!
    Switzerland looks magestic!
    Merry Christmas Lexi :')

    xx à la mode

  8. Merry Christmas, Lexie! Gorgeous gifts, enjoy them! xx

  9. OK now I know who gave you your beauty!!!

    I hope you have unforgettable days of Christmas & your gifts are absolute madness :)

    I'm looking forward to see your videos !



  10. You and Fabio look so good together in that photo! Well jel of your presents, especially the chanel stuff. The bag is gorgeous xx

  11. Lovely post. Merry Christmas from Toronto :)


  12. You lucky girl Lexi! I hope that you and your family had an amazing Christmas. I also just posted a Christmas haul if you're interesting in checking it out :) xxx

  13. Love your dress so much! You really did get amazing presents, love the headband!

  14. Loved looking through our photo's. You are so lucky to have been given a chanel bag. I doubt i'll ever own one...jealous! :) x

  15. so amazing lovely presents and you're looking gorgeous! :)

    wish i could be there, too. i love the snow and the mountains... here it doesn't snow :(


  16. your presents are enough to make any giiiirl jealous.. in a good way :)!! your simply beautiful xo

  17. the dress that you are wearing looks fantastic on you! great presents too, lucky girl :)

  18. Looks like you had an amazing Christmas! I love the LV hat!


  19. Fantastic gifts :)
    You are very lucky.. Please check out my blog
    - Handbag collection
    - Beauty
    - Personal
    Etc :) !
    thanks xx

  20. Amazing gifts! Every girl dreams of Chanel! :) Lovely!!! Enjoy everything in good health! :)

  21. Have you been in switzerland, where exactly?
    greez from swiss :)


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