Monday, July 06, 2015

That High-shine Bomber Jacket

Oh Hey!

I took these outfit pictures before I set off to Greece and thought it was about time I got to posting the photos! I absolutely adore this bomber jacket and it is so light and easy to carry around on a chillier evening.

I fell in love with it when I first shared it in a haul video and paired with my new favourite brand of jeans: One Teaspoon. I feel like I can't go wrong with them. Such a cool, casual and comfortable style of jean and to me, they go hand in hand with those the cooler Summer days. They're some really versatile jeans to take from spring to summer and even into the autumn months, and all that comes to mind when I think of them is yaaaaaaaaas. Thanks Arielle for the recommendation! 

I paired the outfit with some of my favourite accessories by Hermès which hold a lot of sentimental value; both the Kelly bag and the 'H' belt were hand-me-downs from Mama Filthy - and some of my go-to rings of the moment. The claw ring was a recent gift from my mom, and is actually modelled from real pigeon feet! Or should I say claws? Now I figured that might creep some people out as not everybody loves pigeons, or feet for that matter, but I personally have no issue with pigeons and love the concept behind the jewellery. The artist Tessa Metcalfe is a taxidermist who likes to preserve the beauty of animals after they have passed on and models her designs closely on some of the finer details of her taxidermy. You guys should check our her stuff, it's incredible. On the subject of feet, I went with a comfy pair of Zara mules that are in my top ten go-to daytime summer heels.

The necklace I am wearing is an all time favourite when it comes to my gold statement pieces and was a bargain find at a home clear out sale that I was invited to a few years ago. It's a vintage piece by Yves Saint Laurent.

I hope to keep these posts up quite regularly, especially as I am off to Miami this weekend and I feel like my style really comes out to play when I travel out there... Hope you guys are all well! xoxo

White tee from Zara basic – Free Bird Jeans by One Teaspoon – Topshop MA1 High-shine bomber jacket – Zara mules – vintage Black Hermès Kelly Bag and vintage Hermès belt – Vintage Yves Saint Laurent necklace – Rings by Chanel, pinkie ring by Henry Bendel, Knuckle thorn ring by Astrid and Miyu, Evil eye ring by Ileana Makri, Claw ring by Tessa Metcalfe  and green stone knuckle ring from Tribu in Camden] 

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