Monday, May 05, 2014

Brick Lane

Long time no speak! My bad... again. *Doh!*

Well anyway, I was having a looksie over my desktop and noticed these photos lingering from when I took a trip to Brick lane with the beautiful Zara from MouldyFruit and well, it's about time I got them on here!

It was a nippy but sunny day so I decided to give my favourite pair of faux leather trou from H&M a wear, as the lovely burgundy colour compliments denim so well! So I went with this particular denim shirt from Sandro that Mama Filthy handed-me-down and for some reason I just don't wear enough! Does that paragraph even make any sense? Who knows. The grammar gods are rolling in their... thrones?

I wore my alllllll time favourite loafers from Chanel with my most recent new hand bag, also from Chanel. The scarf you see me wearing above wasn't actually originally part of the outfit but it was colder than I had anticipated and when I saw the gorgeous scarf I couldn't not buy, even at £18.
I had luckily decided to wear a beanie on that day although I do remember having dirty hair. Over it all is my favourite smart black coat with faux leather trim from Zara! Hope you are all keeping well and eager for summer to get it's ass here! Stay well!! xo

Denim Shirt from Sandro // Faux Leather trou from H&M // Loafers and bag from Chanel // Coat from Zara // Scarf from Brick Lane Market // Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses



  1. I love all these patterns and textures! You look gorgeous ox

  2. Your Brick Lane market scarf is a dupe of the one from Zara. How thrifty of you :)
    I'm running a giveaway on my blog tomorrow, if you'd like to enter keep an eye out on tomorrow's blog post. xx

  3. LOVE your outfit!! <3



  4. Love the outfit! I would like to invite all the beauty fans to enter my beauty Giveaway - click on my blog to find out how to win this week's prize

    From Aliona With Love

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  5. i will (one day) own a pair of those shoes!!

  6. wow, you look absolutely perfect! xx

  7. Just one word: perfection! ´:)

  8. Those loafers are just perfect- I can see why you love them so much!

  9. love this glasses! and nice post!

  10. I love everything about this! You look amazing xo

  11. That bag is unreal! Love your look!

    Lily x

  12. Your outfit is so effortlessly chic. Love everything about it x

  13. Absolutely love all the different patterns and textures in this outfit! It meshes together so well even if it was a bit random, haha. :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog


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