Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Goldie Coat

I would firstly like to apologise for the lack in posts over the last few months, I have had an influx of issues with my blog after the recent move to Wordpress, but luckily all is sorted (fingers crossed) and I hope to get back on track with the regular blog posts - fashion, musing about life, food, travel... the lot! Shall we get on with it?

A few months ago I was contacted by the ever lovely (and patient) folk over at Goldie London which is my kind of online store really! Not quite sure how else to sum it up really, but their stock is right up my alley and I find myself wanting to optimistically put most of their stock in my basket - but enough about me. Like I said, I was approached and as you can imagine I jumped on the occasion! I decided on the fabulously faux but furry pleather sleeved coat pictured above.

My reasoning for this particular coat is pretty simple... I LOVE IT. As you may or may not know I am quite the leather enthusiast when it comes to clothing and I also am an avid supporter of faux fur so I naturally couldn't let such an item pass me. It also just happens to be super London appropriate, what grey and all, and of course warm enough to keep me from the cold!

If you guys are into this coat (jacket, whatevs) then I highly recommend clicking HERE as it'll magically take you straight to your coat filled destination.

I hope you guys like Goldie London as much as I do - until next time guys! xo



  1. missed ya posts gurrrrl! that jacket is cool as hell , those jeans are also swell. Hair is also perfect xx


    The coat, jeans and shoes are just fabulous! <3


  3. Wow Lex I really really love this coat! (I totally heard your accent as I typed that too... I guess I watch too many of your vids!) It's about $70 for it to ship to the US and I am oh so tempted to buy it. It really is a wonderful style!

  4. ooooh love this coat!

    Emmie xx

  5. Love this look - especially the coat. Beaut as per! x
    Julia in Disguise

  6. Love the hair and the jacket bag combo


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