Saturday, November 09, 2013

The Chequered Coat

Coat: Autograph by Marks & Spencer

Winter is upon us here in London which means it's time to whip out our coats from storage or invest in a new winter coat to keep us cozy through these chilly few months (or most of the year if you live in England).

I had to pop into M&S to buy some thermals for Fabio & my brother and I came across this gorgeous white and black chequered coat and I couldn't resist! It's like no other coat I own in that firstly it's white and that is a mahoosive benefit for me as I own three small dogs, two of which happen to be white and shed like it's in fashion so having a coat that won't get covered in dog hair (or at least not obviously as it's white) so I'm very pleased! It's also extremely versatile which I'm not sure if you noticed but I like versatile items of clothing it seems! :P

It also has a zip fastening which I much prefer to button fasterning and it has leather trim along the collar as well as being made out of Italian fabric... how fancy eh! Anyhoo, I hope you're all well :) ✌ xo



  1. I can definitely see you with a black polo neck with this ! :)

  2. Love it, M&S has awesome stuff at times.
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~

  3. its gorgeous! ive heard they have gotten really good with their stuff recently :)

    Hayley xx

  4. You look gorgeous! I love patterned coats for fall, last year I got an amazing one from Beyond Retro xo

  5. oh my god I just died and went to coat heaven! as if that's from m&s. I am def looking in there next time I go shopping x

  6. SO beautiful! Definitely going to have to head to M&S to check it out.

    Naomi from NaomiGabriella

  7. That coat is amazing, loving monochrome check at the moment.

  8. Looks lovely, M&S have such little gems lately!
    Lucy x
    Short Girl, High Heels


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