Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Off to the Auctions

Top from Topshop / Trousers by Trafaluc & Blazer by Zara / Alexander Mcqueen Scarf / Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100mm high heels / Hermes Constance bag & Hermes Belt

Hello! Day two of the car auction known as RM auctions that I go to every year with my dad & husband came around and this is what I decided to wear... smart/caj type of look! But by the end of the night, my poor little toesies were over it ha. Had a fun evening and my dad even ended up bidding on a car and winning when he had no intentions to haha dare I say it... Yolo!

Hope you guys are enjoying my daily outfit posts - oh and if I miss a day or two it's not because I've forgotten, I'm either a bit backtracked or haven't been anywhere or worn anything worth sharing :P Hope you're all staying well! xo 


  1. You look stunning! I am TOO obsessed with your shoes, you beaut xo

  2. What sweet ride did your dad get?

  3. Love this outfit, specially for the pants!

  4. you always look amazing! love the shoes xo

  5. STUNNING! love your outfit.


  6. Great post love the bag and shoes especially!!

    please feel free to check out my beauty and fashion blog

  7. I love the Louboutins/kaki trousers mix it looks awesome ! ✌
    Love xx


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