Monday, April 29, 2013

Photo Diary | Amsterdam in April

Hey Hey!

I recently took a trip to Amsterdam, over the weekend of the 20th of April with Louka to pay my little brother and his friend a visit while they were staying out there. It was a short but super sweet trip, and I have to say I loved Amsterdam. The city itself is so beautiful, the people were nice, they had some awesome shops & it's really reasonably priced!

We moved around mostly on foot and so we got to see a lot of the city centre and the canals were so beautiful, especially at night. There are these really cool paths for cyclists aside from the road and pavement so getting around on a bicycle seemed so easy and a hell of a lot safer than it is here in London where cyclists are like mosquitoes on the road not to mention how unsafe it is. 

We popped into the red light district of course and I have to say it wasn't as raunchy as I'd expected or I think it is at least depicted in movies etc to be pretty full on - the girls in the windows were weird to see and the men that just stopped and wondered in was kind of gross, but hey, it's notorious for that right? I was expecting to see some boobies lol but sadly, no titties on show!

Anyway, before I ramble on for an eternity about it, I want to share some of the photos from the trip with you so if you want to see how wicked it was, keep scrolling :) I've also embedded my Vlog video incase you missed that! 

 The Airport in Amsterdam
 On our way to the station in a coach
 Some Graffiti on the street
 Yours truly! For my OOTD check out my video down below
 More Graffiti
 And more! Lots of bicycles too
 And moreeee
 One of many coffee shops in 'Dam
Enjoying the weather at the Bulldog 
 With an old school friend and Louka
 Red Light District!
The View from one of the many bridges
 Louka being a dick
 What the bridges look like after sundown
 Louka & I again
 Cannabis Museum
 My bro on the bridge and some bikes! 
 Another canal shot
 In Grey Area coffeeshop
 One of the many beautiful buildings in the city centre
In the sky heading back to London

Hope you're all well!


  1. Going through this post makes me want to book a trip this Summer! I've been thinking of going for the last couple of months. Great post.

  2. look like you had an amazing time, i'm so jealous!

    Chloe Witty

  3. Amsterdam, c'est une super bonne idée pour un week end!
    Cool Pics!!

  4. I'm so jealous! Amsterdam looks so wonderful and I love your look here! Lovely post x

  5. oooh looks like you had so much fun! i want to go back! it's such a cool city! :)

  6. I was there not long ago too and did a blog post on it aswell! Great city! Love your blog and photos of it.


  7. Looks like you had such a fab time! I went to Amsterdam last year on an all around Europe trip and it was definitely was of the most unique cities out of the whole trip. I'd love to go back someday. I could take photos of canals for days!

  8. Love the photos! Looks like an amazing city!

  9. Glad you liked my hometown! That beautiful beautiful is actually the Magna Plaza, which is like our ownly tiny shopping mall that's somewhat worth mentioning haha.

    ★ Cookiie

  10. where did you get your leather jacket from??

  11. Cool pictures.


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