Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Red Soles & Sunburn!

Jumpsuit - Topshop
Belt - Vintage (Beyond Retro)
Bag - Chanel 2.55
Shoes - Patent Lady Peep Louboutins

Hey Hey!!

Hello again from the beautiful barbados! The photos above are some quick outfit shots Fabio took on Monday night before we popped out for dinner to a breathtaking restaurant called The Cliff, which is known as the number one restaurant in Barbados, although it does have some up & coming competition but as I have yet to visit any of the other restaurants I can safely say the food was beyond delicious.

The restaurant is situated on the side of a small cliff looking over the ocean and a small beach and is dimly lit with candles and fire torches. The weather has been mostly great, with a few small showers here and there but the restaurant has this really cool drapery that slides across the open air restaurant when it rains to cover the guests, which was pretty impressive to say the least!

Anyhoo, I chose a jumpsuit and heels as the restaurant has a 'fancy' dress code and I was in a trousers kinda mood :P Not to mention the fact that I am clearly a tad sunburnt haha! Do not underestimate the Bajan sun! I have been wearing SPF 30 and look what happend -_- haha..

As for today, we went to visit Harrison's Cave which is an amazing sight to see if you are visiting the island. You pay roughly $30 USD each and you get taken into the cave with lots of others by tram & it's really fun.. a tad scary but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm very glad we did it :) We are going to have a quiet night in at our hotel, and tomorrow we plan to spend our last full day by the pool catching some more rays (not that I need it but I am an tan-a-holic but hey, that's normal when we rarely see the sun over in London lol) and on Friday we are off to my home away from home, Mi-yayo! (Miami) hehe ^.^

Hope you are all well! 


  1. Love your feet tattoos! They're amazing. You look stunning and I hope you had an amazing honeymoon! xx

  2. love that jumpsuit and oh so jealous of your bag and heels - one day!

  3. you look amazing - you always do x

  4. You look absolutely amazing & very jealous of your tan! x

  5. You look so gorgeous! I bet you're having an amazing time xo

  6. It seems like your having an amazing time! Would love to see some pics of the Barbados - it sounds so beautiful!
    Come visit my Fashion Blog!

  7. Haha you must have an amazing time!!! Enjoy! and you look beautiful!

  8. Hope youre having a wonderful honeymoon! Those shoes are to die for

  9. you look gorgeous tanned!!

    ps. los que hablen castellano, pasense por mi blog!!

  10. You look amazing even with a sunburn! (But do be careful please :) )

  11. you look gorgeous. so tanned already

  12. I love your outfit! Don't hurt yourself with those super hot/high heels lol!RoRos World

  13. You look stunning!! :D
    Soo much fun!! Wish you both the best!

  14. You look absolutely stunning! I just love your jumpsuit!

    So tanned already! I am incredibly jealous haha!

    - Keeley | Living In Your Imagination

  15. Very jealous of your Louboutins! Great outfit!

    Http:// xx

  16. Glad your enjoying your honeymoon and the sun! Absolutely love this outfit :)

  17. Gurl you look amazing as always!! Glad you are having a fabbylicious honeymoon ! xx

  18. Wow you look amazing, have an amazing time :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  19. I LOVE IT.
    Louboutin. <3

    Love, unicorns and glitter on you. <3


  20. Your blog is so nice, I don't understand everything, because I'm from Germany, but although: AMAZING! :-)
    (Soryy for my mistakes!!!)

    With Love,
    Julia ♥


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