Saturday, September 15, 2012

London's Fashion Night Out

Hey Hey!!

Better late than never eh - Here is my post from London's Fashion Night out! Me, Shannon (@ShannonLVintage) and Naiya (@xstylesecretsx) decided to meet up on the night of Fashions night out which was being held in the Bond Street area, amongst others and we chose to meet at the Bond Street Station and then walk around popping in & out of shops. To be fair, I don't think any of us really knew what our destination was, all I knew is that I wanted to see some awesome street fashion, get to have some free cocktails and then somewhere along the lines get some food. Now I realise that may not be the way everybody who spend the evening, and I am sure for some it was a much more serious and important event.

So we firstly found ourselves virtually dribbling and having vlogging moments outside of Butler & Wilson ( which happen to make some of the most in-fucking-credible costume jewellery that all three of us had ever seen. The shop was cordoned off by a red velvet rope and so we stood there vlogging away and the security dude told us to go on in and we were like umm, okay and wondered into the B&W store and it was heavenly in there, like costume jewellery heaven. The whole store is full of skull, evil eyes, leopards, snakes, all kinds of super blinged out items, but somehow none of it looks cheap nor tacky because it is such amazing stuff and of such good quality with such intricate details. Anyway, rant over, I knew I wasn't leaving that store empty handed, and I found myself in the phone case section and they have some of the sickest phone cases I have seen in a long time. I have always for some reason felt the need to have some kind of gimimicky wacky phone case on my iPhone, and hadn't been wowed in a while considering everybody has ears on their phones now and cool different phonecases are harder to find (and they need to be of good quality cos my phone goes through a lot lol) anyway they have some crazy wacky blinged out iPhone cases and I got this awesome grey/black embellished skull phone case and it fucking rocks. Naiya also got these INSANE skull hand broaches for her shoulder in there and I am so effing jealous 'cause they are fucking awesome.

We also popped into the new Victoria's Secret which I have to say is fucking amazing because although the decor in the stores in the US isn't terrible, the one here is full of crystals and mirrors and looks pretty damn amazing where as the US ones are just very repetitive and casual/chic. We almost got lost in there because all the small interconnecting rooms look like they are all stocking the same stuff lol. They also had the fanciest toilets I've been in for a while, each cubicle had a sink and a mirror, it was quite fancy haha!

We then planned to go into McQueen 'cause we signed up online for their queue jump invite to their FNO party and there was a queue of like 100 people outside of McQueen, as well as everywhere else so we thought fuck this shit, lets go eat.

We went to Momo's on Heddon Street (a fave of mine) for shisha, cocktails and dinner and then we proceeded to go to Cinnabon to complete the night.

Did you do anything for FNO?

Much love


  1. Amazing photos! I wished that I was there. Looks so festive and fun. x

  2. amazing photos!! love Butler & Wilson jewellery! x

  3. that jewellery is incredible! sounds like you had such a good time! i didnt do anything for FNO :(

  4. Jealous! looked amazing.

  5. It looks awesome, lovely, photos!

  6. Wwooooow this just made me realize that there is still a bunch of shops that I need to visit in London lol

  7. i am VERY jealous! wish I could have gone aswell!
    the pictures look awesome!


  8. I went, I had so much fun esp in the LV store which had a cool installation and Burberry. I agree with McQ was meant to go but queues was mental! Loved your vlog on the event as well :)

    Sade @


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