Thursday, August 02, 2012

Miami Diaries | The first week

Hey Hey!

How are you all? Hope you are all well! So I am still in Miami (Thanks jeebus!) and today marks our first week here over (*sobs*) and we have have a very relaxing and blissful time!

The first few pictures are from a family boat trip we took on Sunday and it was really lovely, I got to catch some sun with Fabio whilst my dad played the role of captain, and my mom was trying to calm down Gracie (who we thought would enjoy the open sea but was kind of scared!) and then we stopped at this cool poolside sports bar and grill and had a bite, before heading home.

The next few pictures are from all around, the loaded sky high nachos are from one of my fave spots to grab a yummy (but not so healthy) bite here in Miami called Flannigans! I hope to do a video on my favourite places here but I keep forgetting to film when I go to them (DOH!) but I will get it done haha and how cool is the vintage Camaro SS that was parked outside! I am a sucker for vintage cars and really hope to be the proud owner of one (or 10!) when I can afford it haha!

Then the sushi is from one of my fave casual sushi spots here in Miami again which can be found on lincoln road and they seriously do not disappoint when it comes to fresh, tasty sushi! And they also have a great selection of hot dishes which kept Fabio happy, he loves a good steak lol

So that is pretty much the sum up of my first week in Miami, I did get to do some shopping with my mum which is always fun and I got some really cool pieces from Zara that you can see below that I posted on my Instagram (Username: FashionFilth)

 I also popped into Sachs 5th Avenue & Sephora and got some lovely stuff which I will share with you guys in an upcoming haul or two, but before that, how COOL are these Velvet Nails by Ciaté? I can't wait to do a tutorial on it for you guys! :)

Hope you are all enjoying your summers as much as I am,
Take care guys!



  1. You guys look like you had so much fun!! I am jealous! I have only been to Miami once, years ago and the weather wasn't as beautiful as it is in your photos! I'm glad you guys had a blast!!

  2. Your dream catcher tatt is stunning. Need need need to get to miami, it looks amazing xx

  3. Pretty bikini :D and OMG the food and the blazer :O **

  4. Im poor, You re rich :-( No holidays for i get content by living vicarioisly through yours and your vids/tweets/photos and sigh at each.. But though im desperately poor i m not jelous as the other girls because you deserve all that u own. And jelosy is only a very bad feeling toward someone. You re stunning Lexi. And ur family amazing as well. Wish u and Fabio all the best and the most amazing wedding ever. Love from Italy, Sara.

  5. aww it looks lovely out there, glad your having a good time xx

  6. Mmm so amazing everything! Love your style and you are so stunning! I'm going to Miami at the end of August. Have you been there at that time and if so then how's the weather usually then? I heard that this period of year there are lots of tornados etc.
    All the best, Lexi!

  7. Looks like you are having an amazing time, all that food looks lush! Wish I had your figure :-)

  8. I've never been attracted to Miami before now, but your videos and blogs are making it literally number 2 on my list of places to visit (after NYC...) Damn you, student bank balance! xo

  9. absolutely love your tattoo! you look like you're having an amazing time in the states! you should totally come to california next :)

  10. looks like you're having an amazing time!
    love the studded zara blazer, and your dream catcher tatoo! x

    *check out my latest giveaway*

  11. Omg Im so happy that you guys are having fun now i definitely wanna go to miami now $_$ <3

  12. new reader here! your blog is fantastic..hope u follow me back?

  13. Miami looks so lush! Try not to get sunburnt again :)

  14. hey! i don't know if you will read this haha but i love your blog! you totally inspired me to start mine and I'm so happy! :D
    I am a bit scared of posting my information online so i did it under a fake name and put my boyfriends name under another fake name haha i could not come up with anything so i named him "fabio" i hope you take it as a compliment!!
    I was hoping maybe some day you could go on my blog and give me some constructive criticism i would love that
    i hope you are having a lovely time in miami lexi!

  15. omg so keen to see the velvet nails tutorial! i've been eyeing ciate up :)

  16. that shirt is incredible! want one x


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