Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photo Diary | MPH & Top Gear Live 2011

Hey Everyone! So this past sunday Fabio & I went to the MPH car show and Top Gear Live in the Excel centre in London as we are both major petrol heads!Although having made the silly decision to stay up all night the night before (which believe me made me SO tired on the day!) I still had so much fun and it is always great to see jeremy Clarkson, James May & Richard Hammond in the flesh. Hope the post doesn't bore you girlies too much!



  1. I went to see this in Birmingham!! Oh my gosh it was absolutely amazing! I love your car! Xx

  2. UFF! I love lambos. They are amazing cars. That carbon fiber hood on your Audi A4 is brilliant. Nice touch. xx

  3. Ahhhh gorgeous cars:X:X:X your look is amazing:X

  4. woweeee amazing! Top Gear is one of my fave shows. So lucky!



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